“covidiotism” ~ the truth hurts, but the lie kills




World Council for Health Chair, Christof Plothe DO, asked sharp clear and alarming questions at the recent #Geneva press conference on human rights and COVID-19  –  questions that take a curtain call, exposing the underlying ethical and structural crisis, originating from a fundamental and mentally disturbed way of “thinking.  A “psychic epidemic”    ( C.G.Jung ) …  a global mass-psychosis   ( W. Reich )   –  a disease of mankind  ?










 Why   why   why   …





Why weren’t we told that the Covid 19 virus was patented by Moderna in 2018? 


Why did Moderna produce 100,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses in 2019 before the pandemic started? 


Why, against all scientific evidence, were lockdowns and masks used? 


Why weren’t we told that the ‘vaccine’ doesn’t stay in the arm, but spreads throughout the body? 


Why was PCR testing recommended when it is not designed for diagnostic purposes? 


Why were the definitions of “vaccine” and “herd immunity” changed before the COVID-19 outbreak? 


Why was a pandemic declared when the death rate in the event was akin to the flu? 


Why weren’t tests performed on genotoxicity, teratogenicity and carcinogenicity, and yet we were told that the “vaccine” was safe? 


Why was there no proper follow-up of everyone who was injected using a new gene therapy product? 


Why weren’t doctors and the public regularly reminded of the need to report adverse reactions to these new and experimental genetic ‘vaccines’? 


Why was a “vaccine” recommended during an ongoing pandemic that is contrary to the basic principles of vaccinology? 


Why was a “vaccine” recommended for those who had superior natural immunity? 


Why was a new gene therapy launched after three months, instead of the required ten years? 


Why weren’t we told that more people died in the vaccinated group than in the control group in the Pfizer study? 


Why were we told that Covid injections were “safe and effective” when the evidence did not support this? 


Why were – and are – conflicting voices from science and practicing medicine discredited, punished and imprisoned? 


Why were doctors, for the first time in history, advised against treating a disease, and asked to wait for a vaccine? 


Why was early treatment discouraged, while we know that it is the most important tool for managing any infectious disease? 


Why were effective and highly safe drugs such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin discredited and even banned? 


Why didn’t the manufacturers of the new gene therapies want their data to be published for 75 years? 


Why were Covid injections, masks and lockdowns recommended for children when it was known that they were not severely affected and did not spread Covid? 


Why were the Covid injections recommended during pregnancy, when over 80% of babies were lost in trials when women were vaccinated in the first trimester? 


Why was emergency approval guaranteed when over 2,000 people died in the first three months after the vaccination rollout? 


Why is there no scientific outcry after over 3500 articles have been published showing side effects of the Covid-19 injections? 


Why are conflicts of interest tolerated by medical authorities, where the FDA, EMA and WHO are 80-90% funded by industry? 


Why was there no adequate education of doctors, patients and the public, and thus no opportunity for informed consent? 


Why and how was the media captured so that they pushed only one agenda worldwide? 


Why were and are effective treatment protocols, which have been around since 2020, banned and declared illegal? 


Why are we not told about the needless deaths attributed to COVID but actually caused by iatrogenic measures (e.g., midazolam, ventilation) carried out in early 2020? 


Why was the fundamental role of vitamin D status, diet and microbiome not communicated when these measures could have prevented nearly 100% of COVID deaths? 


Why was and is a certain medical procedure imposed on people against their will, while the Nuremberg Declaration clearly opposes this? 


Why are gains from functional research, such as the one linked to Covid-19, not banned worldwide? 


Why is an mRNA product still being used, when we know that mRNA is incorporated into the human genome, resulting in the production of other, unknown, proteins? 


Why hasn’t the failed mRNA concept been stopped, when we know that it increases the likelihood of the recipient contracting Covid-19, and thus shows negative effect? 


Why do these products continue to be recommended, when at least 17 million people are believed to have died because of the injections? 


Why is there no investigation into excess deaths, and increases in the incidence of cancer and heart problems, etc., which started in 2021, not in 2020? 


What do we do when the so-called health authorities are wrong and cause immeasurable harm?  




2024. march   ~   time :   16:22 :

(interviewer):       ”  would either of you ever take any vaccine again ( after this … ) ?    “

( nurses ):              ”   NO  !   …  NO  !  “






















…  an endless list of

why   why   why   …


truth and honest questions

about the worlds biggest lie,

rising like a storm in the sky


why, must innocent people mourn and die ?

without knowing why ?

without ever having really lived ?


this is the lie,

the theft and killing,

–  by making people believe,

it´s done according to their  own  willing


yet, even more :

a  worldwide genocide of genocides


yet, even  more :

for the first time in the history of mankind

( or is it ? )


democide   –  a try to hit all mankind at once








2020: the entire planet became a giant insane asylum, overnight.








Tilbage i Marts 2020, begyndte Mette at lyve,
Hendes blik var ondt, hver gang hun talte
– jeg måtte afspritte alt som hun befalte. 


Mine venner blev som gift,
– Mette sagde “husk det lille sprit pift” 


Jeg savner frihed, glæde og skole,
Og glæder mig til at sommerens Kjole
– vil omfavne mig på en sommer eng
Istedet for at ligge og glo i min seng. 


Havde jeg ikke haft en hest at omfavne i ensomheden,
– var jeg blevet skør helt ud i evigheden. 


Hun gi’r mig glæde, hun gi’r mig tryghed
Hendes vrinsk kan forvandle tårer til ømhed. 


Nu må det stoppe, I skide psykopater,
Der sidder på magtens tinde, beskyttet af rigets soldater. 


Gi’ mig Danmark tilbage, li’ som i de gamle dage 



Freya, 10 år (2020)








Før  “de feje”  kommer

for  “godt”  igang

og udspyer flere ord,

bør de feje

for egen dør,

– blokeret af løgn, tyveri og mord,

med skarpladte våben

og mRNA-forgiftede kanyler,

– men allermest ord

           der fører til mord


– ja, mere end det :

           fører til massemord

           genocide …  democide


17 millioner !


mink eller mennesker ? ,  spørger du,

                      mink OG mennesker   ! ,  svarer hvem,

ikke de såkaldte “ansvarlige”, 

men de som søger

og finder !


  stadig ingen fortrydelse,

stadig ingen samvittighed,

stadig flere myrdede

                      og sårede,

begravet i flere løgne,

eller påført ufattelige lidelser,

                        på livstid, uden mulighed for benådning,

for “social tilpasning” og “god opførsel”…


” …  and still counting … “

          (  G00gly  Inc.  )







Catherine Austin Fitts :  the puppets doesn´t matter – it’ s   a deep state – MACHINE !






about  covid(19) :

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