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Israel has been waging war against the Palestinians for many years, with ethnic cleansing and war crimes, bombings of Gaza and the West Bank, etc. The war can be traced back to the early 1900’s, when the Zionists began their colonization and conquest of Palestine. All attempts to call the Zionists and the new state of Israel to sanity and unity have so far been in vain.

The question of Zionism is as central as the question of apartheid in South Africa was. Zionism is a wrong response to anti-Semitism and manipulates the history, memories and identities of the Jews. Zionism is turning the Jews – Europe’s former pariahs condemned not to assimilation – into European colonists in the Middle East.

This nationalist ideology is not only criminal to the Palestinians, but offers no solution for the Jews, whom it deliberately endangers and whom it will mislead into traitors or accomplices.












Genocide in Gaza  ( 7 parts ) :


1 :    Genocide in Gaza    ” year  75

2 :    Genocide in Gaza    requiem

3 :    Genocide in Gaza    a voice from Jerusalem  2024.12.23

4 :    Genocide in Gaza    the irish testament ( Blinne Ní Ghrálaigh, ICJ 2024 )

5 :    Genocide in Gaza    the judgment ( ICJ )

6 :    Genocide in Gaza    ” exodus II “

7 :    Genocide in Gaza     Quo  Vadis  ?


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There was never any possibility that the Israeli government would agree to a pause in the fighting proposed by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, much less a ceasefire. Israel is on the verge of delivering the coup de grâce in its war on Palestinians in Gaza – mass starvation. When Israeli leaders use the term “absolute victory,” they mean total decimation, total elimination. The Nazis in 1942 systematically starved the 500,000 men, women and children in the Warsaw Ghetto. This is a number Israel intends to exceed. 

Israel, and its chief patron the United States, by attempting to shut down the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), which provides food and aid to Gaza, is not only committing a war crime, but is in flagrant defiance of the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The court found the charges of genocide brought by South Africa, which included statements and facts gathered by UNWRA, plausible. It ordered Israel to abide by six provisional measures to prevent genocide and alleviate the humanitarian catastrophe. The fourth provisional measure calls on Israel to secure immediate and effective steps to provide humanitarian assistance and essential services in Gaza. 

UNRWA’s reports on conditions in Gaza, which I covered as a reporter for seven years, and its documentation of indiscriminate Israeli attacks illustrate that, as UNRWA said, “unilaterally declared ‘safe zones’ are not safe at all. Nowhere in Gaza is safe.” 

UNRWA’s role in documenting the genocide, as well as providing food and aid to the Palestinians, infuriates the Israeli government. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused UNRWA after the ruling of providing false information to the ICJ. Already an Israeli target for decades, Israel decided that UNRWA, which supports 5.9 million Palestinian refugees across the Middle East with clinics, schools and food, had to be eliminated. Israel’s destruction of UNRWA serves a political as well as material objective. 

The evidence-free Israeli accusations against UNRWA that a dozen of the 13,000 employees had links to those who carried out the attacks in Israel on Oct. 7, which saw some 1,200 Israelis killed, did the trick. It led 16 major donors, including the United States, the U.K., Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Estonia and Japan, to suspend financial support for the relief agency on which nearly every Palestinian in Gaza depends for food. Israel has killed 152 UNRWA workers and damaged 147 UNRWA installations since Oct. 7. Israel has also bombed UNRWA relief trucks. 

More than 27,708 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza, some 67,000 have been wounded and at least 7,000 are missing, most likely dead and buried under the rubble.

More than half a million Palestinians – one in four – are starving in Gaza, according to the U.N. Starvation will soon be  . Palestinians in Gaza, at least 1.9 million of whom have been internally displaced, lack not only sufficient food, but clean water, shelter and medicine. There are few fruits or vegetables. There is little flour to make bread. Pasta, along with meat, cheese and eggs, have disappeared. Black market prices for dry goods such as lentils and beans have increased 25 times from pre-war prices. A bag of flour on the black market has risen from $8.00 to $200 dollars. The healthcare system in Gaza, with only three of Gaza’s 36 hospitals left partially functioning, has largely collapsed. Some 1.3 million displaced Palestinians live on the streets of the southern city of Rafah, which Israel designated a “safe zone,” but has begun to bomb. Families shiver in the winter rains under flimsy tarps amid pools of raw sewage. An estimated 90 percent of Gaza’s 2.3 million people have been driven from their homes.

“There is no instance since the Second World War in which an entire population has been reduced to extreme hunger and destitution with such speed,” writes Alex de Waal, executive director of the World Peace Foundation at Tufts University and the author of “Mass Starvation: The History and Future of Famine,” in the Guardian. “And there’s no case in which the international obligation to stop it has been so clear.”

The United States, formerly UNRWA’s largest contributor, provided $422 million to the agency in 2023. The severance of funds ensures that UNRWA food deliveries, already in very short supply because of blockages by Israel, will largely come to a halt by the end of February or the beginning of March.

Israel has given the Palestinians in Gaza two choices. Leave or die.   




I covered the famine in Sudan in 1988 that took 250,000 lives. There are streaks in my lungs, scars from standing amid hundreds of Sudanese who were dying of tuberculosis. I was strong and healthy and fought off the contagion. They were weak and emaciated and did not. The international community, as in Gaza, did little to intervene. 

The precursor to starvation – undernourishment – already affects most Palestinians in Gaza. Those who starve lack enough calories to sustain themselves. In desperation people begin to eat animal fodder, grass, leaves, insects, rodents, even dirt. They suffer from diarrhea and respiratory infections. They rip up tiny bits of food, often spoiled, and ration it. 

Soon, lacking enough iron to produce hemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs to the body, and myoglobin, a protein that provides oxygen to muscles, coupled with a lack of vitamin B1, they become anemic. The body feeds on itself. Tissue and muscle waste away. It is impossible to regulate body temperature. Kidneys shut down. Immune systems crash. Vital organs – brain, heart, lungs, ovaries and testes — atrophy. Blood circulation slows. The volume of blood decreases. Infectious diseases such as typhoid, tuberculosis and cholera become an epidemic, killing people by the thousands.

It is impossible to concentrate. Emaciated victims succumb to mental and emotional withdrawal and apathy. They do not want to be touched or moved. The heart muscle is weakened. Victims, even at rest, are in a state of virtual heart failure. Wounds do not heal. Vision is impaired with cataracts, even among the young. Finally, wracked by convulsions and hallucinations, the heart stops. This process can last up to 40 days for an adult. Children, the elderly and the sick expire at faster rates.

I saw hundreds of skeletal figures, specters of human beings, moving forlornly at a glacial pace across the barren Sudanese landscape. Hyenas, accustomed to eating human flesh, routinely picked off small children. I stood over clusters of bleached human bones on the outskirts of villages where dozens of people, too weak to walk, had laid down in a group and never gotten up. Many were the remains of entire families. 

In the abandoned town of Mayen Abun bats dangled from the rafters of the gutted Italian mission church. The streets were overgrown with tussocks of grass. The dirt airstrip was flanked by hundreds of human bones, skulls and the remnants of iron bracelets, colored beads, baskets and tattered strips of clothing. The palm trees had been cut in half. People had eaten the leaves and the pulp inside. There had been a rumor that food would be delivered by plane. People had walked for days to the airstrip. They waited and waited and waited. No plane arrived. No one buried the dead. 

Now, from a distance, I watch this happen in another land in another time. I know the indifference that doomed the Sudanese, mostly Dinkas, and today dooms the Palestinians. The poor, especially when they are of color, do not count.  They can be killed like flies. The starvation in Gaza is not a natural disaster. It is Israel’s masterplan. 

There will be scholars and historians who will write of this genocide, falsely believing that we can learn from the past, that we are different, that history can prevent us from being, once again, barbarians. They will hold academic conferences. They will say “Never again!” They will praise themselves for being more humane and civilized. But when it comes time to speak out with each new genocide, fearful of losing their status or academic positions, they will scurry like rats into their holes. Human history is one long atrocity for the world’s poor and vulnerable. Gaza is another chapter.      


(  Chris Hedges  )







Genocide in Gaza  ( 6 parts ) :


1 :    Genocide in Gaza    ” year  75

2 :    Genocide in Gaza    requiem

3 :    Genocide in Gaza    a voice from Jerusalem  2024.12.23

4 :    Genocide in Gaza    the irish testament ( Blinne Ní Ghrálaigh, ICJ 2024 )

5 :    Genocide in Gaza    the judgment ( ICJ )

6 :    Genocide in Gaza    ” exodus II “


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The 12 February 2024 massacre and mass murder, wanton and purposeful shelling by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) of some 1.5 million Palestinians in or around the city of Rafah, south of Gaza – gateway to Egypt — was hardly reported by the mainstream media. In fact, what was first shock-reported, was hastily censored away – so that most of the world could not learn about this final Holocaust-stroke against Palestine in Gaza. 


The genocidal bombardment of southern Gaza of 12 February is comparable to the 1948 Nakba(“nakba” means catastrophe and refers to the violent displacement and dispossession of Palestinians, along with the destruction of their society, culture, identity, political rights).  

In a few minutes, it left at least 200 people, mostly children, women, and elderly dead, dismembered, pieces of flesh hanging from the ruins of earlier destroyed homes, schools, and hospitals.

In what appears to be a final act of ethnic cleansing, the Netanyahu Government through the atrocious Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) has announced and is proceeding with the total elimination of the Palestinian people from Gaza.

Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, has warned that Israel intends to open the border floodgates of Rafah in Southern Gaza to force-evacuate more than 1.4 million Gaza inhabitants, currently assembled and barely existing in unheard-of-conditions of misery and makeshift tent-cities, into Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. Indeed, tent-cities have already been built in Sinai. Most likely under a clandestine agreement between al-Sisi and Netanyahu.

Netanyahu for the Israeli side confirmed this intention of mass-evacuation. 

As a precursor to this “final step” of ethnic cleansing, and according to an Al-Mayadeen correspondent in Rafah, Gaza, the Zionist occupation used US-funded and internationally banned incendiary missiles in its raids on the city of Rafah that resulted in the massacre of over 200 Palestinians, including mostly women and children.




  The images from Gaza of the Rafah massacre by Israel last night look like a horror movie. Children dangling with limbs blown off, or crawling screaming with their dying breaths. Parents picking up the heads of their babies that are barely recognizable. The hundreds stacked like bodies in a slaughterhouse. The fact that their stories will be erased in mainstream media while videos are being suppressed on social media tells you all you need to know. Any semblance of international law or standard for humanity is dead. Palestinian life under occupation never mattered to you before, so our deaths under genocide don’t matter to you now. Don’t ever lecture us on morality again. Your hearts are dead.

Dr. Omar Suleiman



“Search and rescue teams are still in the process of pulling martyrs’ bodies from under the rubble,” so says Al-Mayadeen.

Hamas states:

“In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful – The attack by the Nazi occupation army on the city of Rafah tonight (12 February), and its horrific massacres against unarmed civilians, including displaced children, women, and the elderly, which has so far resulted in more than 100 martyrs [latest reports, at least 200], is a continuation of the genocide and forced displacement attempts waged against our Palestinian people.

“The attack by the terrorist enemy army on the city of Rafah is a compounded crime, a deepening of genocide, and an expansion of the massacres committed against our people, given the tragic conditions experienced by this city due to the crowding of approximately 1.4 million citizens in it, and its streets turning into camps for the displaced, living in extremely difficult and harsh conditions due to the lack of the most basic necessities of life.

“The terrorist Netanyahu government and its Nazi army blatantly disregard the decisions of the International Court of Justice issued two weeks ago, which prescribed urgent measures including stopping any steps that could be considered acts of genocide.

The American Administration and President Biden personally bear full responsibility along with the occupation government for this massacre, due to the green light they gave to Netanyahu yesterday [Sunday, 11 February], and the open support they provide him with money, weapons, and political cover to continue the war of genocide and massacres.

“We call on the League of Arab States, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and the United Nations Security Council, to take immediate and serious action to stop the Zionist aggression and the ongoing genocide crimes against unarmed civilians in the Gaza Strip.” (Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, Monday 12 February 2024)



The Silence og Complicity

Time and again, one may just wonder what strange and diabolical forces have beset Mother Earth? They seem to have grown not just much stronger over the past 4 years, but also become so abhorrent, without any values, no ethics, and no laws – just the rules-based orders, ideal for tyrants, made by the Dark Death Cult pretending to run the world – that it seems all those who in recent “ancient times” would have stood up to defend Human Rights, seem to conform in silent complicity.

One wonders, are today’s western “leaders” (sic-sic) still human? Not only do they all tolerate Israel’s democide of an entire nation, they encourage it, in the name of Israel’s right to self-defense. 

Following a blatant lie by Israel, namely that 12 or 13 UNRWA workers were discovered fighting for Hamas, the US and EU, as well as almost all EU members have stopped funding the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). 

There is absolutely no evidence of any UNRWA collaboration with Hamas. Yet the words of Netanyahu’s count, even though evidence abound that they are most often full of lies to achieve a diabolical purpose.

UNRWA was the only agency that supplied Gaza with some food and water – little it was, when Israel would the UNRWA trucks cross the Rafah border from Egypt to Gaza, but better than nothing.

Now, that is gone too. 

The obedient WEF-implanted heads of state of most EU countries follow Israel / US orders to stop funding UNRWA. That also includes the non-EU but spineless Swiss government – a so-called neutral country. A joke.

Are these people, still worthy of being called humans rather than savages? Is this the way of the future? Is WEF’s Klaus Schwab, who implants these puppets as he proudly says “into governments around the world”, still human? These are legitimate questions.  

Does their complicity make them proxy murderers?

A dehumanization of humanity, a robotization of humanity, may be well in process. Digitization of the brain – no feelings, no sentiments – pure brute execution of orders. See thisthis and this.


For those who still do not believe that we are witnessing the beginning of a long war towards a “Greater Israel”, think again. 

On the very 7 October 2023, the day of the long-ahead planned attack by Israel with US complicity, executed by Hamas, Netanyahu said in about these words, “This is going to be a long war”.

Why would it be a long war, if not for a long-planned and Big Purpose – Zionist-founded Greater Israel for the Chosen People, taking up as much as 50% to 70% of what is currently called the Middle East?

This is the mere expansion of an already symbiotic relationship between the West mostly the US, and Zionist Israel.

The West is funding and arming Israel – to make their dream of a Holy Place for the Chosen People come through. In turn, Israel, under the aegis of Greater Israel and its sponsors, would become possibly the world’s second or third largest supplier of hydrocarbon, including the one trillion-plus cubic feet of gas off-shore of Gaza, belonging to Palestine – to be absorbed and stolen by Israel. 

The remaining Western population – after the WEF-led depopulation drive – would be energy-wise free from Moslem — and other designated enemies. 

That too is a dream. But it will not come true. Linear planning does not work. Dynamics and higher dimensions of spiritual awareness are bound to interfere. 

We are currently living in a tug of war between the forces of Darkness and Light. In the Age of Aquarius, the name of the new epoch, Light will overcome darkness. 

But when?

Time as we know it, is man-made. Outside of life, time does not exist, at least not as our human concept. Time and space merge as in quantum science. 

For those who live and must live in a time-bound world, time is of the essence – like for Palestine. 

Let us do whatever we can to bring about a massive spiritual awakening – so that the Age of Aquarius is helped and supported by the human spirit – and an epoch of Harmony and Peace may evolve.











”  The final stage of Israel’s genocide in Gaza, an orchestrated mass starvation, has begun. The international community does not intend to stop it.  “




”  Painful, but important reading. Thank you for never looking away, and for your commitment to always show us the role we play in what happens in the world.  “




”  With the stopping of aid to UNRWA   18 or 19 countries now join in complicity in genocide, and flaunt the ruling of the ICJ to order Israel to let aid in to Gaza.

I don’t know what is worse about Blinken: if he was surprised that Israel refused the deal (it’s clear they want annihilation, not peace) or if he was not surprised (and he was simply buying more time for this mass starvation).  “




”  This is an absolute scandal. A monstrous enterprise. A disgusting complicity in genocide. I am ashamed of being a Canadian. I can imagine the shame that some of you must feel of being an American. These events will change forever the course of my life. 





”   …  the masses should look out from themselves. Counting on governments or quasi government entities to do that for you is not have a Republic works…  and a recipe for disaster. Doing that is simply another reason we have ended up where we are at today,  $34T in the hole.  “





”  The Balkanization of our own minds by politically driven media and cultural controls is more subtle and pernicious and what we all need to stay vigilant to. Othering, not just the newest “terrorist,” but that WE are more human than some, any, current OTHER. National structures of power are not the ordinary human beings who live and work, have gardens, farms, pets graduations, professions, dreams; who have lives just as we do within those national structures. And many of those unstable structures, again, like Israel and Palestine, or North and South Yemen, are the deliberate product of ongoing Colonialism that purposefully created and fomented tribal hatreds and national structures at odds with the populations they contain.

These deliberate distorted divisions the U.S. et al have perpetrated on the world are already coming back to bite us. “Divide and conquer” increasingly comes home as the rich become super-rich and the poor get poorer and more disenfranchised. The immigrants who put the food on our tables turned upon, modern slavery thriving under cover of prisons, ethnic groups especially brown and black skinned, and non-so called “Christian” religions targeted, the police increasingly militarized, merging with ICE, and hatreds fanned, the political take-over of women’s creative bodies….. And we have two corrupt corporate political parties, represented by two sociopaths, Biden and Trump, and their chosen media outlets that fill the airwaves and our minds daily with incessant garbage designed to divide and inflame families and friends, cultivating tribalism, Us against Them.

I personally think most people are not so much capable of initiating true intentional Evil, which is its own category at the far reaches of the Human spectrum, relegated to those last two circles and the frozen pit of hell in Dante’s vision, as they are of being traumatized and caste under spells, caught in sticky webs of lies and obfuscations, some starting in early childhood, that are a major tool of the forces of Power and Greed. Delusion and ignorance are more primary – it is no accident that increasing numbers of books are being banned, what can be taught in schools curtailed, and that we now have a stacked Supreme Court. Yes, those caught in these webs can be used by Power, but they are also more capable of transformation and waking up.  “




”  This article is a paradox in that while reading its content I think that words cannot describe the horrors yet you, Mr Hedges, did just that.

I hope all of us can muster the courage to confront the U.S. government officials, elected and appointed, who enable this killing field that was formerly Palestine when the opportunity presents itself.  ”  





”  Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.   

   Blaise Pascal  


–  cited by Mr. Hedges in his essential book ” American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War On America “.  







(  Irfan Galaria  )



In late January, I left my home in Virginia, where I work as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon and joined a group of physicians and nurses traveling to Egypt with the humanitarian aid group MedGlobal to volunteer in Gaza.

I have worked in other war zones. But what I witnessed during the next 10 days in Gaza was not war — it was annihilation. At least 28,000 Palestinians have been killedin Israel’s bombardment of Gaza. From Cairo, Egypt’s capital, we drove 12 hours east to the Rafah border. We passed miles of parked humanitarian aid trucks because they weren’t allowed into Gaza. Aside from my team and other envoy members from the United Nations and World Health Organization, there were very few others there.

Entering southern Gaza on Jan. 29, where many have fled from the north, felt like the first pages of a dystopian novel. Our ears were numb with the constant humming of what I was told were the surveillance drones that circled constantly. Our noses were consumed with the stench of 1 million displaced humans living in close proximity without adequate sanitation. Our eyes got lost in the sea of tents. We stayed at a guest house in Rafah. Our first night was cold, and many of us couldn’t sleep. We stood on the balcony listening to the bombs, and seeing the smoke rise from Khan Yunis.

As we approached the European Gaza Hospital the next day, there were rows of tents that lined and blocked the streets. Many Palestinians gravitated toward this and other hospitals hoping it would represent a sanctuary from the violence — they were wrong.

People also spilled into the hospital: living in hallways, stairwell corridors and even storage closets. The once-wide walkways designed by the European Union to accommodate the busy traffic of medical staff, stretchers and equipment were now reduced to a single-file passageway. On either side, blankets hung from the ceiling to cordon off small areas for entire families, offering a sliver of privacy. A hospital designed to accommodate about 300 patients was now struggling to care for more than 1,000 patients and hundreds more seeking refuge.

There were a limited number of local surgeons available. We were told that many had been killed or arrested, their whereabouts or even their existence unknown. Others were trapped in occupied areas in the north or nearby places where it was too risky to travel to the hospital. There was only one local plastic surgeon left and he covered the hospital 24/7. His home had been destroyed, so he lived in the hospital, and was able to stuff all of his personal possessions into two small hand bags. This narrative became all too common among the remaining staff at the hospital. This surgeon was lucky, because his wife and daughter were still alive, although almost everyone else working in the hospital was mourning the loss of their loved ones.

I began work immediately, performing 10 to 12 surgeries a day, working 14 to 16 hours at a time. The operating room would often shake from the incessant bombings, sometimes as frequent as every 30 seconds. We operated in unsterile settings that would’ve been unthinkable in the United States. We had limited access to critical medical equipment: We performed amputations of arms and legs daily, using a Gigli saw, a Civil War-era tool, essentially a segment of barbed wire. Many amputations could’ve been avoided if we’d had access to standard medical equipment. It was a struggle trying to care for all the injured within the constructs of a healthcare system that has utterly collapsed.

I listened to my patients as they whispered their stories to me, as I wheeled them into the operating room for surgery. The majority had been sleeping in their homes, when they were bombed. I couldn’t help thinking that the lucky ones died instantaneously, either by the force of the explosion or being buried in the rubble. The survivors faced hours of surgery and multiple trips to the operating room, all while mourning the loss of their children and spouses. Their bodies were filled with shrapnel that had to be surgically pulled out of their flesh, one piece at a time.

I stopped keeping track of how many new orphans I had operated on. After surgery they would be filed somewhere in the hospital, I’m unsure of who will take care of them or how they will survive. On one occasion, a handful of children, all about ages 5 to 8, were carried to the emergency room by their parents. All had single sniper shots to the head. These families were returning to their homes in Khan Yunis, about 2.5 miles away from the hospital, after Israeli tanks had withdrawn. But the snipers apparently stayed behind. None of these children survived.

On my last day, as I returned to the guest house where locals knew foreigners were staying, a young boy ran up and handed me a small gift. It was a rock from the beach, with an Arabic inscription written with a marker: “From Gaza, With Love, Despite the Pain.” As I stood on the balcony looking out at Rafah for the last time, we could hear the drones, bombings and bursts of machine-gun fire, but something was different this time: The sounds were louder, the explosions were closer.

This week, Israeli forces raided another large hospital in Gaza, and they’re planning a ground offensive in Rafah. I feel incredibly guilty that I was able to leave while millions are forced to endure the nightmare in Gaza. As an American, I think of our tax dollars paying for the weapons that likely injured my patients there. Already driven from their homes, these people have nowhere else to turn.






Genocide in Gaza  ( 7 parts ) :


1 :    Genocide in Gaza    ” year  75

2 :    Genocide in Gaza    requiem

3 :    Genocide in Gaza    a voice from Jerusalem  2024.12.23

4 :    Genocide in Gaza    the irish testament ( Blinne Ní Ghrálaigh, ICJ 2024 )

5 :    Genocide in Gaza    the judgment ( ICJ )

6 :    Genocide in Gaza    ” exodus II “

7 :    Genocide in Gaza     Quo  Vadis  ?


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