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Bach to the future






Music in every day life







”  Bach to the future :   Organpipes  by  demand, in moll scale  “






”  Bach to the future :   Organpipes  by  demand, in dur scale  “








Music in every day life


Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris, sometime in the 60’s & 70’s:



Olivier Messiaen gave lessons in the composing-class. Winter was approaching, the radiators were turned on to heat the cold classrooms.

One day when Olivier Messiaen entered the class, he noticed the singing of water and bubbles in the pipes, and called the attention of the students:


   –   ” gentlemen, today the exercise is to write down the tones from the radiators, the whole score, with all notes and notations. Any questions ?  ….

   –  ” … where shall we begin … or end … ?  ”   

   –  ” … there is no beginning or end …  “

   –  ”   ? ? ? ? ... “


    ( O. Messiaen caught a worried and confused glance from some of the students )


      ” …  remember Bach, Escher and Gödel ? ….  think about the watercycle in nature, with rivers,  oceans, evaporation, clouds, rain … and then, listen to the radiator:  try with a rondo … “






This theorem can be disproved








Torus / Vector Equillibrium






J.S.Bach  –  infinite  loop






M. C. Escher








 Kurt  Gödel







Pipes and squeaks accompanied by saw  –  Toccata, Galata, Istanbul






…  neither an organpipe … let alone Bach …






… or  ?