Accidents in the revolving door










 ” …  the imminent official US-DK meeting  … 




… the mismatched couple, Mr. & Ms. Nobody,

entering the dance in the revolving door

–   another “particle hadron collider”  –

transforming flags into confetti,

symbolizing the “great reset”

atomizing the world






 and after the  revolver’meeting, as a bittersweet souvenir,

a new version of the flag of Greenland ?









who meets who  ?

who meets who !

who is who ?

– does who knows whom who is ?


really ?


WHO meets WHO  ?

WHO meets WHO !

WHO is WHO ?

– who knows whom WHO is ?

does WHO knows whom WHO is ?


really ?


Deep state meets deep state

Deep s*** meets deep s***

– deep state in deep s***    deep s*** in deep state –

a real    *hit  , according to the press’titutes

– does this kind of s*** benefit the earth

like natural s*** benefits the soil ?


really  ?


Do they know who/WHO they are ?

Do they know themselves ?

– or “the other” ?

– or “the others” ?


really ?


Do they care about themselves,

care about others, about reality

or anything at all ?


really ?


Do they really exist, or are they just hallucinating ?

Do they really live, or are they “living deads” ?

Is this happening ?

Is this real ?

or is it just a “bad dream” ?


– I sometimes wonder


really !








Epilogue ( in advance ) :







a new version of the flag of Greenland ?








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