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To my Danish readers, bear with me for some time. The huge project of translating to English and expanding to mellemsteetage.dk has taken a lot of work and will go on for a while yet. Meanwhile, the latest articles written from scratch in English will also be found here.


So here we go. What we all have feared is now a reality.
World War III has in the hot version has now been declared.

The cold version, the silent version, the covert non-declared version has been going on for almost 4 years. Some would argue, that it goes back to the fall of the Iron Curtain in the late 1980’ties. Others would argue, that it started with the murder of JFK and the Deep State coup d’Etat of USA in 1963. I have argued that that it started with the end of WW II that never ended but became the Cold War. I have also argued, that WW II was WW I, that ended in such a bitter way ( the Versailles Treaty) which could only lead to WW II. Europe had a 100 Year War from 1337-1453, but that was a war between French and English dynasties. The 20th Century+ – or rather 1910+-20xx has been the 100 Years War 2.0. 

And now – this weekend – WW III broke loose.
Have you heard about it on your dummy-telly? Of course not.
Nor have your dummy-radio, your dummy newspapers told you.
Nor have the dummy-social-media and all the dummies out there told you about it.

Some of what you read here is outdated, when you read it. Even after 24 hours.
Some of it – the historical stuff – is not.

Short summary before the latest news

So. You may want to take a quick sidestep to the article Tragedy with Hope where I wrote:

… someone just declared war on the Deep State. The Cabal wanted to make another false flag on the people of the Earth: a fake alien invasion.

Then there was a response to the attempt to fake an invasion – and here it really gets sci-fi, so please bear with me, I myself am scratching my head, but this is what I hear from the source, that I regard as the most reliable – there was a response to the fake operation, and that was: a real intervention from inner-outer space AGAINST the Deep State Cabal and the Space Force (SF was put in place by Donald Trump) and is now run by a bunch of break-away generals with less than good intentions. It’s beyond Trumps reach, and what will happen to him, and what further role he may play … that I don’t hear from this source. He doesn’t seem like a person that just rools over and loses, does he? Like it or not.

One thing has to be said about Mr. Trump, that probably will stand as a transition figure in World politics for a lot of his initiatives and the movement of resistance to the Deep State – the Swamp as he called it – which a lot of people resonnated with: His ties to the Khazarian Chabad-mafia is not a good one. Many have been asking the questions all along, and NOW is the time to address it. His son in law, Jered Kushner, is deeply involved with this group. His father was a weapons dealer who did sexual blackmailin on people. Befor Epstein, same stuff. The Chabad Lubowitch goes way back in history as one of the most nefarious, cunning and dark entities on the Planet. As FEMA, an NGO-organisation and not as many believe a US Government thing, the Chabad is tied up with the Rothschild syndicate. That means, that Washington DC up to the socalled fraudulant ceremony called the presidential inauguration scheduled to 20th of January was occupied by a foreign entity.

So, we are witnessing a Star War scenario right now. NASA did not manage in good time to pull down pictures of space ships covering the sun, so pictures are out there. They can deny them afterwards, which they will of course, but I have seen some of them. What they can’t deny any longer – because there is SO much info and SO many observations of alien-style technology run by the military – is, that the military has similar stuff themselves. That’s what they have been working on in their underground bunkers since WW2, when the Germans came up with their version of it. Remember Operation Highjump on Antartica, where there was and is a lot of underground activity – and not just because it’s fricking cold down there. And later the American military developed their version. Some say as reverse engineering after the Roswell incident, others say they were given it by some alien group. Some of it, they say, was developed from what they stole from Nicola Tesla.

Lately a note in an Irish newspaper said, that the SAS, the British Special Air Service claim, that they are now working together with a group of aliens. Which is no doubt part of the staged alien invasion meme.

They broke a Universal Peace Treaty

Finally – and this is what I hear – that ‘someone’ that is intervening, be it with flying object coming out of Stargate Sun, be it with weaponry superior to that of the Cabals, be it with certain take-outs of evil leadership and other irreversible scoundrels here and around, is an alliance of people of different races and species, that have been living on the Earth for thousands of years. Call them aliens or whatever you like – they have been here all the time. The Earth is deep, and there is room for many kinds of people, some look like us, some don’t. A peace treaty was formed and granted back in 2017, five years after the former leader of the draconian cabal, the Marduk and his Sun Tzu wheel of upper Echelon of so called Parents and Covens and Covent Councils – of which none of them were humans – was taken out and replaced by – a human being benevolent to other human beings. Which was a totally new situation and has caused a lot of turbulence and bewilderment among the Cabal-people. This human person now bears the title and classification as Gound Commander General.

So, this alliance of people of all species aggreeing on forming a new condition of peace and prosperity have now declared direct and physical war against the global warmongers, the Deep State, whatever we call them, the globalists, the tyrant rulers of the planet, the World Economic Forum, the Order of the Black Sun, the Dragon Families, the Sabbateen Kabbalists, so many names … that wanted their Global Reset – which was nothing but a planned genocide of most of the population on Planet Earth. The name of the coalition of living beings now in war with the Global Deep State call themselves Life Force Enforcement. You may want to read the whole Tragedy with Hope-article on this site for at recap of some of the other operations of this coalition.

The Cabal and their billionaire club declared war against … everyone else than themselves! The people on the planet, all 36 species, I hear there are. The billionaires have lately used poisoning (food, water, air, earth), biological weapons (diseases, flues, vira, etc), economy (bankrupcy by lockdown), torture (masks) and draconian law / lawfare (no free speech, isolation, house arrest, social distancing), and now they want to use another chemical-bioweapon against humanity (vaccines). The coup of the American election in itself was a declaration of war against the American people. Cowardly WITHOUT declaring it as a war!

In return they got a declared war from the coalition of people of the earth among whom some have weaponry with power far more, than they have.

So I hear. Before that I heard, that vast areas of underground bunkers, facilities and tunnels had been destroyed by the Enforcement Coalition.

Latest News

… as I said, this is already is too late news, so the focus here will be the history behind.

There is one important issue, we have to address. A lot of people have followed the Q-Movement. It seemed to have a lot of INTEL that was believable and plausible. And it had. I myself tended to believe, that it was likely to be trusted, but I somewhere had the doubt. I could not point my finger at exactly where it was doubtful. Remember the Q-Proof. They said so, it happened, it must be so. Also remember: Where we go one, we go all – that was their slogan.

It turns out to be a bit more complex than that. Some people thought, that Q was a circle of socalled patriots around the president. Some thought, that it was initiated by John F. Kennedy. Some thought, that is was a movement dating back to a group of generals associated with Abraham Lincoln. You can read about this article: Det 17 bogstav (only Danish right now, you can Google translate – Google did some good after all …). Maybe it was, maybe not. Maybe there was a coup. Remember the takedown of Q from the first server and then it came up again. What happened there?

But what we know now is, that it was infiltrated sometime between the start of the Trump era by … Jered Kushner his son in law. Member of the Khazarian Mafia, the Sabbateeans, the Chabad, an agent of the Mossad. And what was ther purpose hereafter? To passify the opposition. But worse than that: To gather information about who were the enemies of the Deep State for later reckoning – we know what that means. One purpose of Q was to gain trust. Trust Q, it said, the Patriots are in controll, the Deep State is panicking right now, Trump is the 5D Chess Master that knows everything beforehand. It’s coming soon. Trust the plan. Just wait and … do nothing. Just like Christianity was turned into a turn the other cheak passifist designer-religion from being a fierce revolt against the Roman occupation of Judea. The Empire always strikes back.

Donald Trump had a vicious snake in his family. His son in law betrayed the whole family. As did Kushners father Charles Kushner, who sexually blackmail his own brother! That’s how they do it in this pretty famliy. He also bribed his son into Harward. Kushner had Trump do a huge piece of work for the State of Israel, the clearing of the Jerusalem Emabassy, the peace treaties in the Middle East, the opposition of Iran. Remember the take-out of Iranian general on his way out of Baghdad? Was all this good or bad? Well, sort of both good and bad at the same time – who didn’t want peace in the Middle East? But peace can also mean having you back covered to direct your aggression elsewhere. Was Trump knowingly a part of a sneaky plan himself? I know body language when I see it and I say: he was not exactly. He knew about it, but he didn’t know the full extend. He had a blind spot here. He didn’t know, that his son in law would order his assassination lately.

Did the Cabal actually persuade Trump to step down? We know, that they offered him high positions in the Cabal for doing their work, but it was uncertain, whether he was just playing their game. Some weird stuff happened though. In late 2020 the following appeared on the internet:

Trump is welcomed as a memeber of a society called
SENATUS CONSULTUM ‘Conspriptus Electus’
with the strange words:

Donald J. Trump
– 46th and last President of the United States
– CEO Drain the Swamp

– Awards: Tree of Life Award (Jewish National Fund),
Friend of Zion Award,
Humanitarian Award (National Jewish Health),
Order of Freedom (Kosovo),
Medal of Bravey (from the Afghan people by Laga Province,
3 nominations for the Nobel Prize.
– Middle East Peace Agreement

SENATUS CONSULTUM is Honored to Announce ‘The Peace Agreement of the 13 Families’.
Rothschild, Rockefeller, DuPont, Reynolds, Bundy, Onassis, Freeman, Russell, Astor, Kennedy, van Duyn, Li and Collins.

Their logos are two doves of peace – remember Columbia is the name of the Statue of Liberty and Washington DC also called the District of Columbia + the Senate Sign (Rome) + a pyramid with Horus’ eye. It could not be more masonic and illuministic.

On the other hand, a rumor is that the 13 families has been taken out. The Phoenician families or the Black Nobilities as they have been named by some. Is this a big scale global mafia showdown like the scene from Godfather III, where all the bosses are gathered to make peace and cut the deals – and gets murdered by the Corleones? And is the Chabad the equivalent of the Corleones?

Who are ‘they’?

A lot of things have to be reconcidered based on what we already know. The whole operation now shows the ugly face of the Chabad. They are seated in and operating from Israel, but they ARE not Israel nor the Israeli People as such. Jews have been abused by these people all the time and down through history. So please, don’t waste our time with outcries about antisemitism.

The Sabbatean Cabal is NOT the Jews. It is a parasite, that has lived and covered itself inside, beside and behind the Jewish people, their faith, their communities, their organisations – and since 1947 their State of Israel, a Rothschild project as we all know. The Mossad has all the time been their military tool – 30.000 agents around the globe – that’s a lot! Hardly just for security reasons. 9/11 was a Mossad-operation. The Epstein network was a Mossad operation. Ehud Barak, former Mossad leader and Israeli president was a pedo-perv involved with the Epstein project The Russian Revolution and ALL its attrocities was a pre-Mossad B’nai B’rith operation in connection to the British-French Freemasonic groups. Do by all means read the article The Russian Revolution. The French Revolution had its offspring in the kabbalism of Jacob Franck and his predecessor Sabbatei Zevi (sabbatean, Chabad), the Jesuit Adam Weisshaupt and the Jacobins named after Jacob Franck. As was the Turkish Revolution and the Armenian Genocide performed by Franck’ist kabbalist freemasons from Thesaloniki, the Dönmeh or the Young Turcs. The history of The Parasites goes way back into deep Babylonian-Egyptian history and later the Canaanites and their worship of the demon-god, Baal – Bel – Moloch, that demanded human sacrifice. We know, that the Jesuits always had socalled crypto Jews as their generals. They go even further back to Dravidia (oldest name for India) and the worship of the Black Mother and more human sacrifice. We see the group again among the Kings of Edom (Petra), the Edomites that fled via Outer Persia to Khazaria (Khazakstan, Ukraine, + more) where the whole Empire and its populations was forced to convert into Judaism. We see them hiding among the groups of Azkhenazim that spread all over Europe after being expelled by the Kiev Rus – which explains that bizarre and extreme hatred for Russia and Russians. We see them as the bankers and advisers of European kingdoms – where after they got expelled from all nations for their tendency to corrupt and fraud by usury. Later they were invited back by Cromwell. We see them in the shape of the Venetian banking families, that were kicked out of Venice, settled down in Amsterdam and later in The City of London. The Venetians were the Phoenecians that were the Canaanites. We see them as the Rothschild dynasty, that more or less took over the World Economy since the days of Mayer Amschild, the Red Shield from Frankfurt. They actually bought the whole national economy of England by a piece of fraud and settled down with The Crown in the City of London. We see them as the kabbalist gurus since Isaac Luria, that turned everything upside down and made evil into good. We find them as The Elders of Zion and the infamous Protocols – that they of course call a forgery – remember: to make a forgery, you need an original, and it goes back 500 years in time. We see them as CEO’s of Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan. They are the Rockefellers, they are bunch of families that created the Federal Reserve and funded the Russian Revolution – the are The Khazarian Mafia. They are the people, that took over Freemasonry i the 18th century and turned it into a vicious tool. They are the Deep State of the Vatican, that put their latest Jesuit pope in place.

And what have popes and the Vatican and priests in the Catholic church been called out for being involved with? Pedophilia. The same business as the Khazarian mafia and the Kushner family, the Epstein project and the Mossad do all the time. To quote Ryan Dawson, who has done some of the most extensive research into these dark matters said in an interview with Shaun Attwood:

The cases of rape and pedophilia never make it to the US media however big they are. The only reason why the Epstein got any attention was because of pictures with Trump and Epstein in the same room. So they hoped to make something out of that.

You have to understand, that when you are talking about the very rich and the very powerful, bribery doesn’t really work. … When you want to go after the poor, you use bribery. When you want to go af the wealthy, you use blackmail. … And the best kind of blackmail is sexual blackmail. And the best kind of sexual blackmail is underaged sexual blackmail.

Cabal lineage

And as the Rothschields say themselves: We trace our lineage all the way back to Nimrod. We know what they mean by that, so they are the servants of the Dracos. They have been there all the time seeking important positions in all societies waiting for the sign, the signal, the new Messiah, the Armageddon revival, the Third Temple and the day, where they could crown themselves as the emperors of the whole world. Actually the Universe if you ask them, since their megalomania has no limits. They now believe, that their day has come.

What we know now is, that the whole setup with China versus USA was a setup done by these people. The CCP, the Chinese Communist Party is controlled by the Dragon Families and the Rothschilds. So of course the Chinese in that sense is a grave danger to the whole world, since they were promised to be able to take over our world. But who promised them that? Someone did, the same someone described above. 

They were the group of socialist intellectuals, finaciers and industrialists called Focus that hired Winston Churchill to make WW2 happen – and payed off his dept of 20 million pounds. They were the people that lured USA into both WW1 + 2 – and how do we know? Because they admitted so – read the letters between Chaim Weizmann leader of the Zionist movement and Churchill – ‘remember how we did it then, and now we will do it again, and you will help us’. They were the ‘country’ Judea, that did not exist in 1933, when they declared war on Germany. And Churchill was the guy in the Marine Command that ordered the sinking of Lusitania, that brought USA into WW1 (we did it back then …)

They were the people behind the US NeoCons, the people with double citizenship, the descendants of the group around Trotsky, when he ended up in Mexico. They are the AIPAC, that has bribed hundreds of American politicians. They are the Anti Defamation League, that cries out ‘antisemitism’ whenever someone calls them out for trickery. They were the people, that ordered the killing of JFK (ben Gurion). The were the people that ordered the 9/11. They ordered the murder Gaddafi on behalf of their friends i Saudi Arabia. 

Mr. Netanyahy suddently appeared the best buddy of Donald Trump and was behaving as a nice, peaceloving uncle. And yet he has told clearly years ago, how Isral would destroy USA totally. Mister TwoFace.

So – they are the Cabal, that controlls the socialist experiments of the World, inclusive China. And like the Chinese, the Israelis have been stealing technology bigtime from the Americans all the time. Don’t forget, that they were allowed to steal the atomic bomb, which was not allowed to talk about.

War and Envy

The Cabal ordered the World Wars of the 20th century with the clear tactics of the British Establishment, that all their enimies were to start wars against each other AND destroy each other. And so they did. Napoleons Empire was destroyed, German Empire was destroyed, Russian Empire was destroyed, Austrian-Hungarian Empire was destroyed, Ottoman Empire aka former Byzantine Empire was destroyed, Chinese Empire was destroyed twice, first by the Opium Wars, then totally by the Kuomin Tang and Mao, Japanese Empire was kind of destroyed. These people are the continuous destroyers of human culture and civilization down through history. The great empires of South America were destroyed 500 years ago by the Catholic Church and their Jesuit snakecharmers. India of the Great Kings was destroyed by dividing it into India and Pakistan as a kind of revenge for Gandhi and the nationalist movement, that kicked the British out.

And now they wanted the same to happen with USA waging into a war with China. China was promised the total takeover. They promise a lot these people. But as we know, those kind of promises are never kept, and China would have been dealt with afterwards. Communists and all their hangouts are ALWAYS useful idiots that are to be dealt with afterwards. 

How to start a war

During the Cold War an incident occured. Later a movie was made about this incident call The Man the Saved the World (premiere 2014, Danish film director Peter Anthony). A Russian general lieutenant colonel by the name of Stanislav Petrov saw on his monitors 26th of September 1983, that a nuclear missile attack was done by USA on the Sovjet Union. His job was then to respond by pushing the big red button for a counter attack. This would have destroyed the whole nothern hemispere of the Earth, since USA would have seen it and responded. The officer refused to push the button before the attack could actually be seen on radar. His colleage officers shouted at him to push the button, but he did not. The attack never showed up on the radar, because is was a fake computer simulation made in order to provoke a response. Someone had hacked the system and staged Armageddon. Petrov saved the World by hesitating until it was too late, because his intuition told him, that it was fake.

It was kept as a secret until 1990 and explained as a bug in the system. This way they avoided being acused of attempt of starting a nuclear war. These people af slick.

Now they are trying the trick again. The same people. This weekend an important radar tower was attacked and transponder was placed in the tower that coordinates radar activity i the United States. With that hack in place, a fake attack from China or Iran can be staged. Planes that don’t exist have been seen flying in US space days ago. Was it avoided again. The Capitol Building was evacuated after some fire had started nearby. What can a monumental empty building with core symbolic and national value be used for? The ultimate staged false flag event more powerful than 9/11, that would start an emmediate response. Was it prevented? Or was it the backup-event in case Donald Trump had something up his sleeve. He still might have, so is the plan still stand-by?

Washington DC is still occupied by military controlled by – them. FEMA is controlled by the Rothschilds. But Antifa and Black Lives Matter are allowed to roam the streets and do the terror, they are paid for. And we know, where they get their money from (George Soros – the finance terrorist that managed to be a Nazi in WW2 and a Zionist thereafter and who believes himself actually to be … Satan!). 

In a coming-up Biden-Harris administration we will see an immediate boot-kissing towards China, who bribed them. Which we know for at fact. They are corrupt lackeys for the communists. 

Dark-dark times are to come, if and when this happens. It looks like it.

But wait! What about the war that was never declared by the cowards, and the war that was declared by the coalition of eathlings, that the Cabal wants to kill off?

That’s another story, and it ain’t over till it’s over.

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