Questions and answers blowing in the wind



A poetic reflection on the difference between occasion and causes of war




Diablo Luminae





This muse is like a hover,

if you are not a mouse, you should be amused


if you´re afraid,

watch out where the hairy flies

( pelosi = latin = hairy – means 1) hair/fur   or   2) dangerous/nerve-racking )


maybe she flies like long hair in the wind,

the longer, the less will of it´s own,

– finally left only with the choice

the wind does

– a weak mind blowing in the air,

as the wind decides


maybe cold from the white freecing North,

or hot air, from a sinking and wrinkled balloon


forgive her,  for she knows not ?  –

                   don ´ t  forgive her,  for she knows  ? “


… questions and answers blowing in the wind.





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