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Without understanding what war has been and what war has become,
we will not be able to judge whether we live in peace and tolerance.

One of the questions we need to answer is: What is war at all? For if we have not made clear how war is to be defined, then we will not discover war the day we are struck by it. That is, unless the war corresponds to what we have read and seen on film and falls into the category of conventional warfare, or in other words: unless the image in our consciousness corresponds to the image on our retina. What if it falls outside? What if the means have changed and spread to the whole culture in all its forms! If we do not have words for it, then we are lost in translation.

Paranoia can quickly arise here – EVERYTHING is potentially hostile? Is that what you’re saying? It’s not a nice thought, but we do not escape thinking it. AND when and if we do not get rid of it, let’s at least keep a cool head and go into historical analysis mode while we think the thought.

Two learned Germans, Charles Fleishhauer, who runs the Geheimnisvolle Geschichte channel, and military historian Frank Köstler have both given this some thought. Both operate outside the brainwashing mainstream – Gott sei dank!

If you understand German at a significant level, see-hear:
Hybrider Krieg – Sind wir mittendrin? Im Gespräch mit Frank Köstler
Or read on.

The notion of war

If you asked people right now if they see a war when they look out the window, then the answer would be no. It is not to be seen. In some parts of the world, the answer might be different. Ask people in Hong Kong. Ask the Australians and New Zealanders, whether the State is an enimy in war with the people. Ask the Canadians. Ask the Israelis. Ask the 100 million + people on the streets these days in European capitals. Ask the Americans as Antifa and BLM smash shops just around the corner. But if you ask Mr. and Mrs. potato Danes, then the answer is NO, it’s all peace and harmony. Yet the Danish prime minister has made the police and the military promise, that they will participate with detaining lots of people in prison camps, if they do not get vaccinated.

At the very least, many people will respond that their society and reality are being transformed right now into something reminiscent of a state of war, but they have just been told that it is an exception and that it is transient. The Danes were also told this when the Germans occupied Denmark on 9 April 1940. Perhaps along the way it dawns on many more that, firstly, it is neither accidental nor even naturally-motivated – nor is it exceptional or transient. It is ‘the new normal’ and it is intended as permanent. What people forget or have never understood is, that a state of emergency always implies the word military. We’re exposed to an act of war, an undeclared declaration of war, and we do not see it. Our enemy has armed itself with a deadly weapon called new speak, where words can mean the opposite of their true meaning. The language is currently being buttfucked.

In other words, we have notions of what war is. People in Central Europe are thinking of position wars with fronts drawn up. We think of fronts, trenches, cannons, grenades, soldiers, emergency rations. We think of uniforms, rankings. We think of the states involved and the diplomacy behind the scenes. We think of armored vehicles, ships, submarines and aircraft.

The avalance of absent notions

The shift from conventional in historical sense to something else has taken place in several areas. Nuclear physics became a weapon when the first two bombs were dropped over Japan. Previously, medicine and biology became weapons with poison gases and viruses – The Army Flue, the Spanish flu, a biological weapon developed in US military laboratories and spread in 1918 via an infected division of American soldiers flown to Spain – a division of ignorant biological suicide bombers. 100 million people subsequently died during and after World War I due to this weapon. Almost all leaders of States knew then, what had happened. Almost no leaders today know it.

This strange historical oblivion is a ẃhole study in itself. War is A War On Truth. They lied before the war in order to start the war. They maintained the lie during the war. And then suddently as by a miracle, after the war they ‘tell the truth’ and write it down in history books.

To anticipate the point, the avalanche is complete today. But it is complete without the general notion of war having followed in the turn. For those who are aware that this has happened and who are actively involved in these cross-border acts of war, this is a pocket for their operation before reality dawns on people and resistance explodes. For those who have no idea, it is in this pocket, in this vacuum, where they are taken by surprise and succumb.

The Cold War was a shift in gear, a normalization of lurking anxiety. Here, the peoples of Europe and the United States were accustomed to an ever-present war on low flame with the eternal threat, that a new world war would break out. On psychological, it is called ongoing generic trauma. The Russians are coming soon, nuclear threat, armaments, propaganda, gigantic appropriations for the military-industrial complex, the Iron Curtain with half of Europe under totalitarian lockdown – people who lived in the Eastern bloc before 1989 can not help but notice the resemblance to right now.

Around the turn of the millennium, the psychology of re-traumatization no longer worked, for those who remembered World War II were gradually few, so a new traumatization was needed. The energy that had driven the Cold War had burned up, and people gradually just shrugged their shoulders, because the wolf could not keep coming. They could not have that non-fearing attitude, but then to rescue came 9/11, and that case was settled, they thought. The Cold War was replaced by the war on terror. – which was nothing more than a staged act of terror against the peoples of the West. In the fringe world, the re-traumatization consisted of a new series of war attacks with devastating consequences for a number of new broken states (Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Libya, Ukraine, Syria).

The invisible war

As long as we can not spot the war, we believe there is peace

The post-war generations in Europe have not experienced a hot war – if we exclude an area of the Balkans. We have no direct experience. In return, we have a complex of mainstream historiography created by the Association of Winners in WW2 that has explained to us why it was the war of good against evil, and that we should be eternally grateful that they sacrificed for our sake.

The post-war generations have a whole lot of war images in their heads, mostly from Hollywood. Secondly, we have the images from history books from school, TV docu, etc. It was not accidentally timed with a wave of emotional holocaust narrative created primarily by Stephen Spielberg. Maintenance was constantly needed. A story that does not conform to the truth must be constantly maintained, and the story of the ‘good war’ is as far from the truth as can be imagined.

Shoah – a strange mix of eyewitness account and propaganda.
Why this propaganda, if it’s all pure truth?
As some of the contributing interviewees subsequently said:
Well, at the time, it felt like my own story.

Everyone has seen pictures in history books and media of a tiger tank. But it’s a pale affair compared to the violent images from Hollywood, where it’s like being there yourself – with a certain twist. Whether it was deliberate or a side effect can be debated, but this over-aggression with the consequent over-consumption of war images has led to a widespread expectation of war. We’re marinated in Hollywood war porn. Notice how these war images have now shifted to hitech sci-fi war images. There is now an expectation of war in a transhumanist starwars scenario. In both cases, the condition has already occurred, while the expectation, the habituation is created.

With-a-twist, there is always a propaganda message that comes with the image catalog. Hollywood has not spared the lonesome neo-cowboys who save the world from the evil ones. Every James Bond movie is a remake of the same story. Rambo, Independence Day… you-name-it. Scifi, not sci-fi, all the time the same. Before, the hero was completely clean. Then he became in doubt and became an anti-hero. Like the Lonely Soldier in Trouble, James Ryan in Saving Private Ryan. Lately, it has become popular with the dirty hero with a dark side. Batman begins… But the core message is the same: We come with our hero and save you, because you obviously can not find out for yourself. Just find out IT!

The conventional images go on man-to-man, man-to-machine, rifles, cannons, six-barreled, sword-and-shield. Why not more Stone Age war stories with club against club? The Hollywood hero must follow the classic storytelling model also called the fairy tale model. Hollywood is bedtime stories for adults and adult stories for children.

Uniformed war

For the past 250 years, it has been states in Europe that have waged war against each other. Not just princes and clans but nation states. If there were civil wars, there were always states involved as stage directors. However, there were certain rules of warfare. A uniform was to be worn. Wars were to be declared. Prisoners of war were to be treated according to agreements. Civilians were to be treated differently than soldiers. They did not destroy places where necessities were produced for the people, factories were not legitimate military targets. One must not attack an enemy on retreat. A ceasefire was in place to be complied with. A capitulation was a capitulation and not an invitation to a genocide. Even in the cruelty of war, there was an ethic. Rules and ethics were broken, yes, but they were not, as today, TOTALLY absent. Rules and ethics and conventions existed in the ‘dark’ Middle Ages and hundreds of years ahead, it is our time that is the dark time.

A war is always a war of consciousness. Without consciousness, no war. Put another way: without propaganda and preparation of the special perverted consciousness which is the precondition of all war, no support for war and therefore: no war. After a war, many people remember it. But at the same time, there are many among the infantry who are deeply traumatized. PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder is not the exception, it is the degree-bending norm. In this post-war blackout, the brain in the traumatized nervous system asks: What was it really that I was exposed to, what was it really that I was experiencing? And in the traumatic vacuum, someone will arrive immediately who is ready in advance to fill the gap: That was WHAT you experienced. That’s WHY you did it. The dissonance between doubt, anxiety, all the other negative emotions, guilt, shame, etc. AND the reality that was out there at the time, and which has burned itself permanently into the soldier’s consciousness, is once given valium and an explanation. The soldier is left in the lurch, because now he has fucked up his human life for a cause he basically did not understand.

Translation of txt: The traumatized soldier was never told the reason for his trauma.
Neither ẃas he told the reason for the war, that caused his trauma.

It is time to take a step back and examine the mental-ideological – or spiritual-philosophical if you will – background of war. War as a surface phenomenon can change constantly, the wolf has a whole wardrobe to dress in, but the hinterland is the same. We are talking about war phenomenology – a difficult academic term. Look at it this way: What you see is what you see. Phenomenology is a comparison and compilation of visible phenomena, it is pattern recognition of manifestations. It is an attempt at an open-minded study of perceived reality. A system is what it does (not what it says about itself). Never trust what the system’s talking heads say about the system and itself. Only trust what you can see that-they-do and then compare it with what they say that-they-do. Is there compliance or not? You will often discover a pronounced lack of conformity.

War against insurrection

A major ingredient in all warfare is anxiety, fear. Therefore, the Bush administration’s misused of the term war on terror is absurd. War IS terror – period! Aren’t we tired of terrorists claiming to fight terror?

When Genghis Khan invaded cities – and remember his armies penetrated all the way into Europe – he had the people of a city publicly executed. But he always let people survive so they could tell others what had happened. It was an act of terror more than a genocide. The survivors had to flee to the neighboring towns and announce in advance what awaited them, so that they would surrender without resistance. Instead of lugging around all sorts of heavy siege equipment, they used terror that had already penetrated. the fortification walls.

Anxiety is a threat to life. In the same category, starvation falls. When closing the supplies, it is only a matter of time. A besieged fortification can only survive as long as they have supplies. People can no longer leave their homes. Is a bell ringing?

It’s called anti-insurgency, and it is being practiced right now against the millions of civilians who have either taken to the streets or are speaking from home. There are military handbooks on that kind. Rulers far down in world history have recognized that their own people are their primary enemy. Secondary population in an occupied territory. British colonial war history is full of examples of how today’s handbooks merely reflect the practices of the day. Oppression through insurgency was their specialty, and the fact that they fell short when the Indians threw them out of the Crown Colony is fortunately good old news that oppression has its limit. That they then hatched a bully seed named the United States, who has been doing the same thing for 100 years, is the bad old news.

It’s called colonial wars, not just colonies, just remember that. The colonial wars were always a war against the incumbent regime in an area designated for colonization + the people of the country. This population, regardless of the legitimacy of their previous leadership, realized from the outset that there was nothing to stand up to a mighty invading force. Virtually all countries in Africa have experienced this. Africa is one of the most resource-rich continents matched only by local areas in other continents, where its inhabitants should live in prosperity, but where EVERYTHING is taken from them and transferred to the colonial masters, after which they live in poverty.

A catalog of dirty tricks is listed in the Rebellion Manual. One of them is: HIV women and children out and beat them. It was seen as late as last year at large demonstrations in Berlin where women and children were targeted by the battle-dressed police. The Germans are now experiencing the third totalitarian aggression in 110 years. World War I, which was about smashing the empire and destroying the economic ‘threat’ against the British Empire. World War II, it was Germany that shook off the chains from Versailles – and was destroyed and put in chains for the second time. And now that the medicinal-industrial apartheid state as a transition to a global techno-tyranny is being established.

Exhaustion tactics

People get upset when they open up to the media every day and hear corona-corona-corona, you-must-die, you-must-die, you-must-die, 24/7/365, on every channel, in every statements, from all sides. No one who says anything else or calls for consideration gets speaking time in this media tsunami. It has been going on for 21 months now and the population is exhausted. A constant terror brainwashing has been going on.

Deliberately exhausting is also the way the government pushes and pushes and suddenly lets go of the pressure. Then people think: that now it’s finally over, now they’ll probably be good again. But the temporary ceasefire is just being used to come up with something new and even worse. What does the population use the standstill for: to breathe a sigh of relief in good faith, after which BANG! It’s very exhausting for people with all this oh no not again!

At the time of writing, December 2021 – this is an attempt at a forecast – the government is giving people time over Christmas to recover. Then people can not say that now the Prime Minister ruined Christmas once again. But then right after Christmas she returns, and this time it will be with demands for actual vaccine coercion. The Danes must be necked this time.

Gaslighting – reality terror

A special kind of terrorist methods to bring the enemy / population into a state of constant uncertainty about what is real and unreal. Every day, the government changes their homemade rules. In the same second people have gotten used to one regulation, they pull the rug away under it. All announcements are pulled ashore and replaced by new and worse ones. The final stage is raving madness and morbidity of dissidents, which has taken place in ALL totalitarian regimes. That is why the term is now used: a socially critical disease. A very bizarre slippage of an expression that just a few years ago went as an adjective to a critic of a totalitarian regime. Now it goes on a disease that obviously has its own will + those who refuse to acknowledge the current history of the disease. The deniers will be considered dissidents who must be appointed, isolated and ultimately removed. Hence names C-O-V-ID, Certification Of Vaccination IDentification = designation / identification via the vaccine / implant.

War has become asymmetric. War has become hybrid. War has become fluid. They call it 4GW, Fourth Generation Warfare. The Prussians called it the total war (it was not the Nazis who invented the term), but it had no idea how total the war could become a century and a half later.

Symmetrical warfare

In the Middle Ages, there were cavalry armies, armies with knights in armor as the vanguard of infantry. There were codes of honor for the knighthood. Man-to-man warfare required manly courage, and if one was successful, one reaped honor for it. The duel has been copied in a number of sports. A boxing match is a kind of simulated act of war. Martial arts in general is martial arts taken out of an actual war situation. But even a tennis match has similarities to the duel, and a football match is two armies against each other.

In the High Middle Ages, war technology was reinforced with crossbows, throwing machines, storm stairs, wall breakers. In response to the cavalry armies in armor, emerging in Switzerland peasant armies emerge with halberds and long lances and a successful tactic on the battlefield that could keep a cavalry army at bay. The infantry could now defeat the cavalry, and the knight’s age disappeared.

The gunpowder age arrived with the ark bus. Gay comes from the bus, which means chest, ie a chest cannon, a hand-held firearm. The Chinese had them before the Europeans as early as the 13th century, and as you know, they invented gunpowder. Later came the rifle. The distance between the fighters increased, the duel became secondary and the old notions of honor wrong no longer. The new war technology had maximum impact with maximum distance. It started in the 13th-14th centuries with gunpowder sludge and flint rifles and ended with intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Swiss soldier preparing to fire a handgun.

On the battlefield, new forms of symmetry were formed, ie installations where one could form a land-based broadside against the enemy, just like a maritime broadside from a frigate with cannons in up to three layers in a row. The Roman legions and the Greek phalanxes had something similar but with a different technology intended for melee. Images of battlefields from, for example, the 18th century show these almost mathematical-geometric arrangements and lines. Right up to and including World War I, one operates in lines, now in the form of trench lines. For example, the Maginot Line, where the front came to a standstill and froze for a long period of time. Here one lay then and ate canned food, while the gulash barons became fat behind the front. On the battlefield, new forms of symmetry were formed, ie installations where one could form a land-based broadside against the enemy, just like a maritime broadside from a frigate with cannons in up to three layers in a row. The Roman legions and the Greek phalanxes had something similar but with a different technology intended for melee. Images of battlefields from, for example, the 18th century show these almost mathematical-geometric arrangements and lines. Right up to and including World War I, one operates in lines, now in the form of trench lines. For example, the Maginot Line, where the front came to a standstill and froze for a long period of time. Here one lay then and ate canned food, while the gulash barons became fat behind the front.

In World War II, there are still lines and formations with tanks and planes. The distance principle is now being moved to a new and inhumane level. The core of the English Air Force was not, as they like to boast, fighter jets. It was a bomber. The tactic was to bomb German cities and their civilian populations by throwing cargo where there was light. Not industrial areas, not military installations, you went directly after the civilian population when you sent the big Lancasters inside e.g. Hamburg. It was an airborne act of terrorism. As Churchill said directly: This is not a war against the Nazis, this is a war against the German people.

They called it Operation Gomorrah. The name tells it all. It was about bombing cities with civilians.
Everyone has heard of Dresden. It was one big blast furnace. In the basements lay a decimeter-thick layer of human fat.
What not everyone has heard of is that it happened in all German cities with over 25,000 inhabitants.

The symmetrical warfare became the disaster of the Americans in the Vietnam War. The Viet Kong army waged asymmetric warfare. Guerrilla warfare is essentially asymmetric. It comes from all sides in organized scattered fencing, and the battlefield is a natural piece of asymmetry in the form of a jungle. It’s Sun Tsu’s The Art of War in practice. It was a nightmare for the American soldiers, best described by Francis Ford Coppola in Apocalypse Now from 1979. It is worth remembering that the novel’s protagonist was Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, which takes place not up the Mekong River but up the Congo River in an 1899’s colonial hell, the ‘dark Africa’. Or as they say: the grave of the white man, for the number of diseases which afflicted the white man in this steaming damp of hell were innumerable and unmentionable. It is also worth noting that Coppola’s film is inspired by Werner Herzog’s film Aguirre, the Wrath of God from 1972. Here the river is a branch of the Amazon River, and the wave of colonialism is the prototype of later colonialism with the Spanish colonization of South America, jungle hell. They also became the hell of the jungle people, for the conquistadors brought with them one of their biological weapons of mass destruction – with or without intention: infectious diseases that the locals succumbed to in the millions. The great civilizations were totally exterminated in just 100 years, and the great white cities of the jungle disappeared in just a few generations under a thick layer of jungle growth.

Asymmetric warfare

The Americans used the Vietnam War to study asymmetric warfare. The distance principle got another inhuman boost when Monsanto’s Agent Orange was sprayed over the landscape. Chemical warfare at its most perfidious, weapons of mass destruction that should have disqualified American stupid politicians from EVER using the word ever since! When Monsanto could not sell their deadly poison subsequently, they turned it into RoundUp so that warfare could continue, this time against the human, animal, and plant health of the entire world. Glyphosate in RoundUp is at least one component if not the MAIN CAUSE of the majority of the diseases that plague the world’s populations today. It is found everywhere in the environment, it has no boundaries.

While we still walk around with a 15-1700s image of war, the warlords are far beyond that concept. All the means of symmetrical warfare, all the strategies are still in use, but the technologies have changed radically. Information technology is now part of warfare. Science is now a part. Journalism is now a part.

We know very well that a drone today is a weapon of war. It’s armed and remotely controlled – by a pizza-eating, pimple-infested, Coca-Cola-bellied computer gamer from a bunker in the United States who sends death and destruction down on civilians somewhere in the Middle East, but he sits and howls and hi-5s with his buddies . The distance principle has reached perverse-infantile heights = human bottom-scratching lows. Human and male courage are totally absent, the cowards are the new heroes.

The Prussian general

Carl von Clausewitz was a Prussian general and military theorist who, after the Napoleonic Wars, wrote a philosophical work called Vom Kriege (On War). He was the intellectual strategist of the Prussian Empire. Hence the famous phrase: War is the continuation of politics simply by other means. His theories are still taught at military academies but also in business management and marketing. Interesting not? From here blah. derives all the titles in companies that refer to a military hierarchy, eg CEO, senior executive officer. Here opens a wormhole, a pandora’s box of words, concepts, expressions that have built war into the language. Recruitment of employees, competitiveness (you outcompete the ‘enemy’), conquest of market share, ‘we take it up-front’. Companies have their own intelligence service to keep an eye on the enemy / competitors. Industrial espionage is carried out. The corporate hierarchy is built as a military system. When there are urgent tasks that must be solved in a hurry, they say at the board meeting that now a task force must be set up.

Clausewitz’s statement that all the moral and physical forces of a state could be deployed as means in a war is close to the idea of Total War. Clausewitz himself described the so-called interaction of escalation, which leads to a totalization of warfare:

Anyone who ruthlessly uses all the means at his disposal must gain a superiority over his opponent, if he does not do the same. In doing so, they both strive to the extreme.

As long as you have not overcome your enemy, you run the risk of being defeated yourself.

Since no one manages to accurately assess the determination of his enemy, everyone will try to be as decisive as possible.

The result of such a development was the involvement of all state funds, which Clausewitz describes as Absolute War. (wording from Wikipedia article about von Clauswitz).

That means a few things.
First, we must understand that the concept of the Total War was not invented by Joseph Göbbels in 1943 in a speech at the Sports Palace in Berlin (Wollt Ihr den total Krieg?), As it is usually said. At that point, the 3rd Reich is just an extension of Prussia. As you know, Göbbels was a historian.

Secondly, we must understand that corporate culture is a piece of civilian military that knows everything about the concept of total war. Study corporate and management languages and discover that they are turning into military terms.

Third, we must understand with von Clausewitz that if war is an extension of politics, and companies think like a military operation, then all three prayers are fused, and then we have just around the corner and to the right leg – or as today to left leg: fascism.

For the Greeks in antiquity, war was the normal state.
For the Roman emperors the same.
Peace was an exception.

The ideology of war

Add to that the core ideology of the British Empire: Darwinism. They basically see themselves as entitled to supremacy through a biological-racist right. Their class society is a global class society, where the very few rule over the rest of humanity via a postulated biological (read: ideological) right. Darwin himself used the word survival of the fittest – posterity has obscured the survival of the fittest, but that was not what he wrote in his famous book on the origin of species using natural selection . And the subtitle: Preservation of the favored races in the struggle for survival – yes it was called that, and they have also removed it from the title. They have it because it says what it’s all about: Eugenics. Darwin’s half-cousin was the very founder of eugenics as a notorious discipline: Sir Francis Gaulton.

It was the same Charles Darwin who stated: There are 72 races on earth, but the lowest of them all is… Pause: and then one thinks that the imperialist hangaround probably said the Hottentots or the tail niggers or something else in the same genre, but no, he said the Irish. It was just in connection with the Irish genocide that they renamed the potato plague. It was also just before the British captured and deported the Irish rebels to the captive island of Australia to get rid of them. And at least if not the local government down-under right-now-and-again a century and a half later treating their own people like criminals! You can not invent the kind, the reality of our time surpasses the sickest imagination!

When von Clausewitz said at the time by all means, he did not have the imagination in his 19th-century brain to imagine the means that posterity had at his disposal. For example: Today you can wage war using the weather, or as they say all the time the cli-i-i-mate. You can call down seriously bad weather over an area and its people, which they just did in the Vancouver area of Canada as part of the artificial global supply crisis. HAARP technology is now familiar to everyone with a minimum of intact brain cells. Should you be skeptical, there are websites where today – if you can afford it – you can go in and order bad or good weather. Governments have kindly failed to regulate the swineherd, nor do they regulate the CIA, which does what suits them and which has run the program for military purposes since the 1950s.

Party politics behaves like an act of war. There are also lots of war words here: party soldiers, opinion MPs, political shooters, bloc politics, an alliance of parties, political strategies, etc. In most democracies there are right and left wing that fight each other with all sorts of dirt. In some countries, the war sometimes becomes very concrete. In the history of the United States, a number of political assassinations have taken place. The Clinton mafia alone has gotten away with – and books have been written about it – around 30+ political murders without being slapped for it. On the whole, they have never been blamed for anything in the mega-uprising of crimes they have committed for over 40 years. Kennedy and his brother were murdered. Reagan was assassinated. In Africa right now, 7-8 – just the latest report – have been assassinated for not cooperating with the WHO drug mafia, and Africans have every reason to be deeply skeptical of vaccines and drug companies. Coup d’etat is the order of the day in banana republics with military means and coup generals. In totalitarian regimes, one conducts politics towards the citizens with military and militarized police. There is a fluid boundary between politics and war, and the waters flow both ways.

Tanzania’s President John Magafuli has disappeared, after showing qualified opposition to the WHO, the pharmaceutical industry and their globalist network. He is just one of eight African heads of state who have died recently.

War is the geopolitical norm

In foreign policy, it will be really bad. One starts trade wars with the enemy. One besieges enemies = regimes that do not submit to the dictates and rules of the strong nations, with sanctions and embargoes similar to the siege of a city or a fortification where the people are taken hostage to pressure the leaders one wants to kill. The United States is again at the top of the rogue list here and has for more than 100 years pursued politics through direct war. The Soviet state did so in the Cold War, and since Mao Tse Dong the regime has waged a double war: one was against the population that the psychopath Mao happily murdered. The other was against their immediate neighbors, whom they invaded and incorporated into China – Manchuria, Xinqian province, southern Mongolia, Tibet. If they could, they would invade Taiwan tomorrow. Recently, they have behaved belligerently towards all the people of Hong Kong.

In our time, they have opened the third front to the rest of the world, and as you know, they are not shy about using biological weapons of mass destruction. We just need to say the Chinese place name Wuhan, where their main biological warfare laboratory is located. In 2019, they behaved aggressively towards India in one of the northern border areas. In 2020, they attempted an invasion of Pakistan here as well in a border area to the east. They were stopped by a strange weapon, so their equipment stopped working, after which the whole division had to trudge back across the border. People searched in vain for media coverage. The same media vacuum was absent when a string of Chinese warships were sunk with similar strange weapons in the Gulf of Mexico, in the Panama Canal and off the west coast of the United States + reportedly several other places in the world. Someone with great resources had intelligence of the action and had stepped in. Right now, there are entire divisions of the Chinese army in Canada, where their perverted, treacherous president has just locked them in. Again, the media is completely blank.

The government is selling it as a natural occurrence. Then they can not be held responsible for a weather-based act of war against the population.
A local politician came to talk about himself beforehand and said in a speech thanking those who had sent the breath. It was the last time there was too little rain, and this time there was someone who had completely closed the tap.

In von Clausewitz’s concept, the total war is the shortest. All resources are put in, all fronts are opened all means were spent to get it over with. We can therefore not talk about the total war in that sense, for the war has now become infinite. It morphs on from one incident to another. There is talk of liquid war (liquid war) instead. This is, of course, related to the fact that the military-industrial-financial complex demands it in one infinity, and therefore war must be accepted – if one can use that concept – by the peoples as a normality. The military state of emergency is now being sold as the new normal that we just have to learn to get used to. Hence all the potty training for adults that takes place via the media.

Blitzkrieg – Lightning War

The man’s cousin, Franklin D. Roosevelt, repeated the success. He was fully aware of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Both events involving attacks on ships, brought the United States into a world war.

Blitzkrieg is the term used by the Nazis for the operations that had first turned against the Western powers. In no time they had run over, France was occupied, the Netherlands had just been run over, the English were sent home across the canal in fishing boats leaving behind all their equipment. The enemy was defeated before he could grab the shovel and dig a trench. The occupation of Denmark and Norway was to cover the back against a return. England was basically beaten until Churchill – Franklin D. Roosevelt’s cousin! which was not included in the history books – at the instigation of Chaim Weitzmann *, president of the world Zionism promised him that ‘they’ could do the same as last time, that is, to involve the United States in a war in Europe where they had nothing to do. Remember the pig line Lusitania. Also remember the pig harbor Pearl Harbor, which was to open the front against the Japanese, who had become Germany’s allies. Both incidents were a piece of military-political self-harm, a so-called stand-down operation false flag.

* In 1933, Germany received a declaration of war in the form of a newspaper ad signed by a non-state calling itself Judea. It happened immediately after the National Socialists had proclaimed that they would re-establish Germany as a non-slave-bound state with its own military, its own foreign policy and especially – which really got the Jewish bankers out of their seats – their own national bank and economy. Remember that a central bank is not a national bank but merely a branch of the global central banking system, which, as you know, has a certain predominance of Jewish bankers. Or rather: inverted crypto-Jews = Khazar mafia people disguised as Jews. You may or may not like it, but it is not a theory, it is an ascertainable fact. It is up to people whether they love mafia or not. What is also not a theory but an indisputable fact is that the Russian Revolution and the Bolshevik jihadism that smashed Russia were Azkhenazi (Khazar) Jews imported from the United States and Europe, and the financing was Khazar bankers from Wall Street (Jacob Schiff) . Again: you like it or not – the Russians certainly did not like it. It cost 145 million of them their lives.

Since all the major players, the representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, the financial world, the media and selected politicians – including a representative of the Danish government! – gathered for the now infamous Event 201 in New York months before the release of the biological weapon of mass destruction named Covid-19, they agreed on how to deal with a global blitzkrieg and the closure of the world community, and how to ensure that only one message came out in the media and that all other messages should be murdered in the bud. The total in that war was that the people of the world would be bombarded from all sides and by all means. Remember: business executives have also studied von Clausewitz.

Alle fronter bliver brugt af globalisterne i deres totale krig mod verdensbefolkningen. Immigration er et våben og en front, finanser er våben/front, sundhed, fødevarer, vand, energi er våben/front. Og ikke mindst er medierne det göbbelske eller Ilya Ehrenreich (Stalins propagandaminister) propagandaapparat, der siden 1. Verdenskrig bid for bid er indkøbt af globalisterne og indrulleret i den store brune kloakstrøm af disinformation. Medierne er det ledeste våben og er brugt 24/7/365 i de forløbne 21 måneder til hjernevask og til at skabe denne lammelse, denne massepsykose via massehypnose.

Read: Mass Hypnosis – How could it happen?

Industry war

World War I was first and foremost the war in which industrialization and mechanization broke through. They took the leap from cavalry and tussle to clumsy tanks and heavy artillery. The machine gun came on the field. Blows took place in the air. Submarines were invented, mines with or without mustard gas were dumped and miners tried to iron them. This is also where we see the perfidious war gases go up in the air at the front. The new art form the film was used for propaganda. The Bolsheviks were the first to use it effectively as propaganda, and the Nazis were quick to come after it 25 years later. Radio communication was used for the first time. The war was a chain of material blows, scrap-for-scrap. Behind the materials, the war gear, were the industrialists. Behind the industry was the financial world. The military-industrial complex was launched as an expression by Eisenhover after WW2, but the reality already existed in WW1. It was an industrialized war.

Remember in that connection who the industrialists were. It was precisely the same people who, in order to create industrialism before, had to create classical imperialism. Imperialism consisted of plundering the outskirts of the world for resources. England was the birthplace of industrialism, and the British Empire was initially formed through state-run piracy. It can be said that simple. Their global dominance is due to their fleet. It was the British East India Company, the occupation of India, the opium wars against China, MI5 as the company’s intelligence service. It was the destruction of the old structures of the Middle East in wonderful union with France (the Sykes-Picot agreement, in which they cut up the Middle East like a birthday cake). It was the plunder of South Africa + a number of other countries in Africa. Also remember that many of the land borders we see on the map today were created by the imperialists / colonialists. Add to that the fact that these brutal cuts were often made deliberately, so that they disintegrated ethnic groupings. When a people was cut into small pieces, they were weakened. It’s called part-and-rule.

Disse to perfide inperialister førte pennen, da de fordelte byttet og dermed lagde grunden til konflikt i Mellemøsten forever.

Civil War

One of the most inflamed-perfidious forms of warfare. This is not just because it is citizens who are fighting citizens. This is because it is NEVER the citizens themselves who start these wars. It’s always because someone is standing and pissing down in an anthill, after which the ants go grass-fed on each other for lack of a real enemy. There are ALWAYS big players inside when small people fight.

World history is full of examples, especially within the circle of the British Empire, whose main strategies are strategy of tension and divide and conquer. The heirs of the empire have several perfidious expressions of it. The American mega-spin doctor calls it Balkanization. That’s the tactic of setting fire to the gunpowder barrel. That is what the Pentagon, the CIA and NATO did in the Balkans during the Bosnian war.

Translation of txt:
UN commissioner for human rights, Carla del Ponte, was leading a commissioned investigation into the claim of mass murder and mass graves in Pristina, Bosnia, and the massacre that was said to have started the bombings of Serbia and the division of Yugoslavia. After 25 years of investigation she rapported, that these graves and the proposed events cannot be found. It was a lie.

In 2016 former Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic was exempted from ALL charges, that brought him to the court in The Haag – based on the lie. This was 25 years after, that he ‘had som help’ in committing suicide in his cell.

The two later examples that clearly show staged civil war are Ukraine and Syria. The Syrian war was constantly in the media being called a civil war, which it certainly was not. Syria was attacked by an army of mercenaries equipped by NATO and the CIA, backed by Turkey, patched up in the Golan Heights at Israeli hospitals and funded by Saudi Arabia. The false jihadists were not at all Syrian peaceful (mostly peaceful) rebel forces against an evil-evil president who absolutely did not gass his own people. Everything was a lie from end to end.

In Ukraine, a coup was created via American neocons in collaboration with Ukrainian fascists and a rather disgusting massacre in Odessa, after which the people of Lukansk and Donetsk escaped the coup government. After this, a regional civil war started, but the whole outlet was created from the outside. Russia said stop-here-and-no-more regarding their naval base on the Crimean peninsula, and all sorts of sub-radar acts of war took place, which are described elsewhere on

Camouflage and propaganda

Think of green paint for a tank so it can hide from the ground and from the air. This is probably something one has learned by studying animals. Hunters also use camo to avoid being seen by animals, but this requires standing still, because animals register all movement. If one compares soldiers’ combat uniforms from the 18th century with today, then it is remarkable that camouflage did not exist at all. A scout behind enemy lines perhaps, but both privates and especially officers exhibited a color palette of flashy blue and red and the whole palette, they were almost wandering shooting ranges. If one were to die, it would have to be in style. Of course, the colors also had the function that you could know your own from the enemy, so you shot at the right ones in the heat of battle, and that you could know soldiers from civilians. A soldier today will try to look like a bush with dark green and brown colors. An American soldier in Afghanistan was supposed to coincide with the dust, while a Taliban fighter was supposed to coincide with the civilian population, among whom they often hid.

A camouflaged parallel is Hollywood. Or TV. It’s disguised, camouflaged as entertainment, but before you know it, propaganda is in the throes of you. They want something with you other than to entertain. They fuck with your brain. Hollywood is perhaps the most significant factor in the breakdown of traditional life values in the West and far beyond. And thus the breakdown of an entire society.

I must be the last to write off the film as an art form in terms of my education in Film & Media and 20 years + where film / video has been part of my profession. But precisely because of this, I also know a great deal about how the medium can be used for mind-fucking. They camouflage their messages so that they slip in unnoticed. And since music has been my second life – my actual education – I know all about how music is the sauce that should make it slide in.

A piece of film history is the contribution of Hollywood and a number of well-known directors to war propaganda und WW2. It was a series entitled Why We Fight. John Huston was also asked. He also delivered the goods, but one of his three war films from the period, The Battle of San Pietro, was a bit woolly at the edge, one thought from the principals. He showed pictures of American soldiers in the late days of the war in Italy – with pictures of body bags! They did not care. The war was to be glorified, not shown in its reality. It was censored by the military.

When the tanks rolled in towards Baghdad in the Second Iraq War, the journalists had been embedded. CNN reporters were allowed to sit in a tank and get petty about being in the middle of the heat of battle. The truth was that it was largely harmless, there was virtually no resistance. In the home country, journalists and the media helped to fertilize the ground for popular acceptance. They willingly lied about alleged weapons of mass destruction.

One of the grand old men in the BBC (the name has slipped) lined up after the Iraq war and scolded his colleagues and the company full of skin for being made whores for the war machine. Whore is the journalistic name for when an ad is camouflaged as a journalistic post. You knew it, you had a name for it, it was limited, it was not well-liked. Today, the media is nothing but propagandistic whore! It has come this far in just 20 years.

The Trojan Horse

There is obviously someone in the management segment who needs labels on people. Like barcodes for gadgets in a hardware store. They are preparing the new global ID. How do you do it? 5G-tech, mobile phones, credit cards, other ID cards, espionage via electric gear, motion tracking, social behavior, surveillance cameras, case files with the state and municipality. Add to that the fact that companies absorb personal information. It is not called surveillance capitalism for no reason. But is that not enough, one would think? No, now they will have access to your biometric data, they will penetrate every cell in your body. And for that, they need a new gadget, an implant. How will they do it? The answer is: vaccines. Remember again what C-O-V-ID means: Certification of Vaccination IDentification. The name says it all. But they have not said what it means, because they have covered it up under that it is the name of a virus. That’s probably what it’s, people think, and then they do not ask further. Most people ask very little at all. Camouflage again.

It is the only explanation for all this manic zeal to vaccinate everything and everyone with a substance that they admittedly provides no protection for infection of themselves or others, degrades human immune system, costs society the coffers, is not thoroughly tested and – like the industry itself indicates – has never been meant to protect let alone heal but only temporarily relieves pain. Pretty temporary it turns out.

It is the only explanation why all effective preventative and curative treatments have been attacked, concealed, ridiculed, deceived and blocked. Countries that have chosen to go another way have become extinct !! the virus. Japan, states of India, several countries of South America.

The only explanation is that it is NOT about health but something completely different. That vaccinations in themselves are the purpose in the first place, not public health. And secondly: What are the vaccines for? C-O-V-ID. The virus was a Trojan horse that had to transport vaccines inside the defense, where it spilled out with hostilities.

Translation of txt:
Look mummy, the big horse has got at funny mouth bag.
Yes deary, and what’s inside the big horse, you think?

The attackers knew that resistance would arrive, but they reckoned that via a lightning war they could overwhelm the resistance and that most would be dazzled by the fireworks and suffocated in smokescreens. They figured that when people woke up to reality, then it would be too late, because then everyone was hit by the bullet and walked around with it in their body. A push of a button would be enough, for it was an interactive ball. At the same time, they knew that there would be active opponents from the start, people who had smelled the fuse and the stench of rats, and who would duck and so far avoid the bullet. In addition, they had another historical precedent: the yellow Jewish armband. The dissidents, the non-vaccinated, were to be hung out and branded as harmful to society. They do not even hide it, because now the government is using the word a socially critical disease. They link a term that has so far been wrong for system-critical dissidents in totalitarian societies, with a disease. But since people have meanwhile become historyless, only a few notice this piece of black word magic.

The attackers knew they needed more historical precedents: concentration camps. They are now driving in Australia. They have been prepared for a long time in the United States, and they are equipped with guillotines (30,000) and large stocks of coffins adjacent to the hitherto empty FEMA camps. And! the danish government has now demanded the consent of the police and the military that they will help capture and detain people.

The chess game – maneuver strategy

War is a game of chess with officers and peasants. Interestingly, by the way, the king is a smooth, impotent snail with no real power, while the queen is the leading piece on the court. The officers have tunnel vision and blinders as well as limited freedom of action – either they drive lengthwise or they drive across, they have no independent will. Only the cricket can jump in both directions, but its range is limited. The peasants have to trample with heavy steps in muddy clogs and sacrifice themselves in the big game. The game of chess is an ingenious image of society. The geopolitical grandmasters, power-mad and war-mad people like Blessed Zbignew Brzecinsky – he must go to hell – even wrote a book entitled The Great Chess Game. The rules of the game of chess correspond to the maneuvering strategy in war. Today, there is a whole genre of board games and computer games called strategy games.

Pictures of the great battles of the past resemble chess games. Uniforms in the 16th-1700s and in the Middle Ages heraldry on shields and banners also existed to minimize the loss of life. The recognizability ensured that lives were saved. Of human love? perhaps to a lesser extent, but rather because life was a resource. In the same way as DJØFs, bureaucrats and HR employees today, the employees regard them as manageable resources, civil cannon fodder. Are there people they move around in spreadsheets? Not for them.

There is a reason why globalists are interested in big business. In all major contexts, there is a lack of proximity and overview seen from below. And from above, but they picture themselves in that they have the big picture. Remember the distance principle of war. When everything is at a distance, it is mentally possible to attack the population / employees without having to face them. You can drop an atomic bomb while drinking champagne from a distance. And the ants on the ground in the anthill will never be able to reach those up there out there who are pissing in their heads. In small independent businesses, management is at eye level with everyone else. What did we see during the Financial Crisis in 2008-09, and what do we now see bigtime during Operation Lockdown? Millions and millions of small businesses are collapsing and their resources are being transferred to the globalist cartels. Pattern recognition please!

Young people all over the world, boys in particular and well into adulthood – sit and play war games. In particular, 1st person real time shoot out games are cultivated. If you go to the shelves – which you do not do, you go on Steam and download – then it is 9/10 games that fall into that genre. In other words, a whole generation of boys and young men have been sitting and practicing murdering people on the battlefield, for 1-2-3 it’s just a game. Or is it? What is the difference between an airplane or tank simulator at home in the garage and in military training at the Defense Academy with the expensive model being a fully equipped cockpit. Game makers have been forced to recall games because they had concealed too much information about a particular aircraft type and were far too realistic. I myself participated in a training session at Force Technology in Lyngby with a fully equipped bridge and all hardware navigation equipment on a ship connected to a computer system + 3D simulated agitated sea out of front and rear windows in a simulated accident scenario where sweat jumped from the forehead of people. Will one be able to steer a ship after this? Of course not, but it is an essential component of the navigator training.

The point here is not whether it works, because it does. It is super-efficient and an example of constructive use of technology. The question and point is, what does the massive consumption of games with overheated war scenarios in a hyper-realistic environment do to the boys at home in the garages and in the men’s rooms? What do you want with these boys between 10-18-40 + years, people of conscription age? As with Hollywood and the film industry and in the TV news media, a basic state of anticipation and habituation is created in advance.

One subgenre right now is called The Hunger Game. A female hero a la Lara Croft in Tombraider is unleashed in a cat-after-mouse Robinson Crusoe game, in which some evil game masters sit and bet on whether she will be able to survive out there in the wilderness. A kind of hardball training ground with deadly arrows. One of the Rambo movies had the same setup where Rambo tries to survive an evil sheriff in a nature park area where they are after him with various gears. One man against the system one might say, a cinematic subgenre. What is the scenario we need to practice in as an audience? A staged food crisis where we are bombarded back to the Stone Age? What is it that we are seeing right now during rollout? Exactly this!

The Mark of the Beast

What does it mean when a system begins to put labels and clear characteristics on the population?
What does it mean when groups of people are forced to wear a compulsive trait?
Seen in the light and understanding of the above, it can only mean that a war is being prepared or that we are already in the middle of this war.

Who is to bear the mark of the beast?
It is not only they who are forced into the yellow armband, the pariahs, the new-normal-lepers, the antivaxes, the socially critical disease.
It’s also all those who passively stand and watch while they put-put-put themselves.

Fra en kampagne, jeg som underviser på en medieskole i midten af 00’erne deltog i med foreningen Børns Vilkår, der handlede om mobning, lærte jeg lidt om mobningens psyko-sociologi:

There are the bullies.
There is the victim of bullying.
And then there is the silent majority.

It can be said quite briefly: Bullying can not take place unless the bully bully terrorizes his victim of bullying AND the silent majority at once. The majority are afraid to step out of the silence for fear of becoming the new victim themselves.

But what psychology also shows is that it only takes one associate ex-doll neck to stand up in the public space and confront the bully and say clearly, then the bully collapses like an unstable tin can tower in a supermarket. And what does the silent majority think? Finally someone who says that.
Incidentally, the title of the campaign was: Be a Hero!
But psychology / model history also says that fear is imaginary, unfounded. The bully never has the power he is given, because nothing more is needed to break the spell.

That is what all terrorism is all about. In other words, the same as the cinematic means in a horror film. It’s not what’s going on on the screen that’s scary. It’s the audience’s notion of everything going on outside the screen that’s scary.

This is not to say to minimize the role of the hero, rather to say that it is not more difficult either, and there were only a few more of the kind in everyday life.
It is also said to point out that it is fear that is the real enemy.

Seen in the light of day: It is not the cold virus that is the… virus. This is what the fear of the virus causes us to do to ourselves and each other at the instigation of the fear pornographers.

Attack the loose flank

In a war, you first go after the vulnerable. The loose flanks are those that protrude and differ from the main formation. They are the low-hanging fruit of war. The dissidents – now wearing yellow armbands – are the first to be attacked. The doubters are character murdered. They are identified, registered, isolated and eliminated.

The officers have 1, 2 or 3 stitches on the shoulder in the uniform.
The system believers now have 1, 2 or 3 connectors in the body and behave uniformly.

Clausewitz spoke of the Little War. By that he meant minor operations, guerrilla tactics, stabbing maneuvers that made life unsafe for enemy troops, loose flanks from his own camp.

Class war – not like Karl Marx’s

The medieval knight army was also a class struggle. Forget about the industrial working class concept invented by a psychopathic ideologue paid by the upper class to ideologize and mobilize the lower class for a coup.

In the Middle Ages, it was the nobility over the bourgeoisie over the peasantry. Like the pieces of chess. The knights were often nobles. Just think of the expenses it would take to pay for a knight in full armor and the years of training that preceded participation in real acts of war. Add to that catering and babysitting, for the knight required a gunman on the back line. We are talking about significant resources.
The same culture existed for the samurai in Japan.

One of

The high-ass class society always has problems in the fringe areas. There are always groupings that strike again. Sweden is a class society. There are all the high heels in government Stockholm, and then there is the rest of the country. That is the reason why the southern Swedes to this day are not so much for Stockholm. As a resident of Jungshoved, I am close to a piece of Danish-Swedish history, because this is Svend Pouelsen Gjønge-land. These death-defying partisans from Scania and Halland, the gangsters or snaps (named after their long guns) were the pain-in-the-ass of the Swedish despot king. Svend Pouelsen pulled the government troops around by the nose in partisan war (asymmetric warfare) and subsequently sought refuge in Denmark, which in those years was partly occupied by the Swedes on their way home from the Thirty Years’ War down there in Europe. The war that killed half of Europe’s population and was a prelude to the world wars of the 20th century. Svend went into the service of the Danish king and was recognized as an ingenious strategist. The enemy of my enemies is my friend.

There are no contemporary paintings by Svend Poulsen Gjönge,
so we have to make do with the illustration from the first edition of Carit Etlar’s novel Gøngehøvdingen.

In Sweden, they were the underdogs who bit the king in the hooves. Swedish society is very much divided between the Stockholm government and the main part of Sweden, the huge 2000 kilometer long area with endless forests and small settlements. Interesting why Sweden was kept free as a warring power during WW2 – while still producing and selling weapons. Interesting how the looting of Russia after the revolution took place via Sweden. Interesting how Sweden today is owned by a handful of families. Interesting with all the decay that stuck its head out at the Olof Palme murder and later the sinking of Estonia.
Read Verdensforandrende skibskatastrofer

In Switzerland they were more well-prepared, then with the peasant armies. Not that Switzerland today does not have an upper class at the top and a population at the bottom. But it is interesting that the country houses both the wildest upper-class segment, the banking syndicates, the BIS (Bank of International Settlement), the WEF (World Economic Forum), the headquarters of the great Masonic lodges, the Octagon fraternity (which few have heard of), and that The Vatican still has the Swiss Guard as house police. At the same time, they have direct democracy, and people have a real influence on their daily lives. Perhaps the lance tips of the peasant armies still sit half a millennium later in the asshole of the upper class. It could happen again, beware up there, for it also sits in the soul of the people. In the Alpine countries of Switzerland and Austria, they also have real popular counter-currencies: Virgeld and Nurgeld, ie local currencies not controlled by the banks but nevertheless recognized and in cooperation with them. They had to do so in order not to be undermined.

War debt

Sign! so the Allies can get all their expenses covered to start a world war.

The word debt can be directly replaced with guilt or shame. Before, during and after a war, one will always see guilt and initiative smeared on the attacked nation by the attacking nation. Nation can be directly replaced by other terms: organization, army, military pact (NATO and the like), entente, allied grouping, whatever… We are back to the schoolyard here: It was he who started, yes it was! If the victor is the attacker, then this before-during-after and for propaganda reasons will present himself as the innocent victim of an attack and subsequently describe himself as the heroic victor. That was exactly what happened in World War II.

It goes too far here to give a full account of this statement.
The ultra-short version is here that Germany was subjected by the British Empire to being smashed, powdered, destroyed. The same was true of the Austro-Hungarian, Russian and Ottoman Empires. Empire can be replaced with Tsardom, Empire, Empire or Khalifat, same-same. The shooting in Sarajevo as a prelude to WW1 was a British intelligence operation planned decades before. Around 20 heads of state in the world, from Iran to Mexico across Europe, had previously been ‘taken out’, ie liquidated by agents of The Crown, the beast behind the scenes in the British Empire. The Crown is not identical to the British royal family, so if you think City of London, then you are closer. The royal family aka the queen must nicely ask for permission before she steps inside The City.

The Crown – we can also call them The British Establishment, British Deep State or just: the big banking syndicates, especially one of them – call WW1 The Great War. Directly translated: the magnificent, the glorious war. Great is more than just big = voluminous.

After the war, which was lost through the introduction of a biological weapon of mass destruction called The Army Flue (the Spanish flu) at a time when the war was actually settled and closed via the British-Lithuanian peace but reopened because Dr. Merck – the man who developed the virus for the military, yes him with the pharmaceutical company – and General Mandell-House – President Wilson’s spin doctor – promised the US president that they had a secret weapon that could ensure that the United States and its allies would be able to to smash Germany and subsequently refurnish Europe at will. It seemed to the President after brief deliberation and possibly a gunshot wound to the forehead was a very good idea.

You can almost see it on the president on the right. He had hardly any choice.

After the war, Germany was subject to guilt, shame, and war tax to an unprecedented extent by the alliance of victors. Versailles peace – a unilateral contract that had nothing to do with peace but guaranteed the outbreak of WW2 via the treaty’s perfidious and completely intolerable nature, in which Germany was imposed war debts for time and eternity, occupied by French forces in the Ruhr district, plundered large tracts of land, not had to have a normal army as a defense force, etc. In addition, Germany, like the rest of Europe, was ravaged by the US Federal Reserve, the Fed’s staged Wall Street crash, which created a mega-depression until 1933.

The palaver in wars goes on who has the right on his side, who is the good one. It is the same palaver that runs when the concepts of terror, terrorism, terrorist come up. Who has the right to define what is what and who is who? Or rather: who has the POWER to define it?

Corporal punishment

There is a group of people who do not do the same as everyone else. Therefore, the whole group is punished. Within the military, it has been strictly forbidden. Nevertheless, it has been practiced as a leveling practice and internal terror. It is precisely described in Stanley Kubrick’s film Full Metal Jacket, in which a recruit is subjected to various terrorist humiliations from his superior to the noses of his comrades. The group is punished collectively because he fails to crawl over a hurdle in a training ground, after which the whole group is punished – to punish him, because the group will immediately blame him for the punishment.

Pressure breeds back pressure. Escalation is built-in, programmed into the very essence of war. It is energies that are emitted that are in turn matched by energies that come back. It’s almost hermetic.

What are we experiencing right now in our society, in several societies globally? Correct answer: collective punishment. Not enough that it takes place. People are now directly threatened and punished in workplaces starting with the state.

Case Story

I have it directly on audio recording from a meeting where I confront two leaders in each of their leadership teams – nearest section chief and unit chief (note the titles = military rankings), with their illegal policy, after which they say: People out there are scared and we can not allow anyone to go out there without coronapas and vaccination. So we are now directly accused of scaring people out there. In other words, we are being accused of doing exactly what DE has accomplished through active and enthusiastic involvement in a fear-ridden porn tsunami that has been running from morning to morning for two years in a row. SO THINK THE HELL THAT PEOPLE HAVE BEEN AFRAID, OUT THERE! But who scared them? Leaders are currently projecting downward to avoid actual responsibility.

Most leaders in a state-political organization are completely blank, it must be said. They are convinced that this must be a good thing. One would think that the further up one gets in the system, the more insight one must have. That’s not the case. We have to go all the way up in circles in the government itself, the civil service and certain people from e.g. the National Board of Health, which as you know is deeply entrenched in the pharmaceutical industry to find the real villains. They are the 5th column of the industry and they operate through their invisible network. If you could produce a network analysis, you would see that they go again in the same boards and discussion forums, the same lodges – Freemasons or not. You will find them in Industriens Hus, Børsen, Axelborg, the gray men and ladies in suits.

NB! I do not consider any of them to be psychopaths. They are bette husband and bette wife in trouble.
The unanswered question is: can one expect perfidy or incompetence from leaders like these?
I want to mean the latter. In wonderful association with cowardice.

Translation: Don’t be afraid og the thing. Mummy only wan’ts to do good.

What is the name of this war?

It is the ultimate war, for there is no possibility of peace or capitulation negotiations. Mankind has been given an ultimatum: fall to your knees or die. And even if people fall to their knees, they die anyway.

It is reminiscent of a historical war scenario that is more than 1000 years old. When the Frankish emperor Charlemagne, also called the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Charlemagne advanced in the Germanic territory, he committed one of the greatest swineherds in world history. He slaughtered the scissors in a rather remarkable way. The Saxons, a tribe that had come down from Jutland and settled in northern Germany, had a shrine called Irminsul. It was a sacred grove with a huge old oak tree. When a few thousand Saxons had entered the grove and had laid their arms at the entrance, the place was surrounded by the Franks. All were forced to their knees and demanded conversion to Christianity. When they refused, they were forcibly baptized… after which all were beheaded.

We just leave it on the screen for a moment.

It should then be added as an aftermath that when the other Germanic tribes including the Norsemen saw it, they had no doubt that they had to start the war over EVERYTHING OR NOTHING. This is what we know as the Viking Age.
Read: These Vikings

The Scandinavians knew, that if they did not respond again with asymmetric warfare against the army’s symmetry and overwhelming numbers, then they would be run over and annihilated. The Danish king Godfred strengthened the fortification Dannevirke. The counterattack started with a monastery in northern Germany, where the poor monks suffered the same fate as the Saxon men at Irminsul. We must save you graphic details. Next was the infamous assault on the famous monastery in England, Lindisfarne. The English had just made an agreement with the Franks that now the Scandinavians should be necked.

What they had forgotten was that the Scandinavians also had an advanced intelligence service, for remember that they are called Anglo-Saxons over there on the other side. The Anglers were a people who inhabited Southern Jutland and North Schleswig and the Saxons were their neighbors. In other words, they were already infiltrated. Also here regarding. Lindisfarne, we must spare you the graphic details, because it was not a pretty sight. Nor was it meant to be pretty but spread horror among the conspirators on both sides of the canal. As they say today: the best marketing is word-of-mouth. Then starting in the small escalating to giant fleets of ships the waves of voyages inland both the Frankish Empire and England. French historians describe how Charlemagne in his last days stood by the window of his castle and wept over the fact that his kingdom was now collapsing. Emperor Augustus had done the same after the violent defeat at Teutoburg in 9, in which three legions + various 25,000 Roman elite soldiers were slaughtered by the Germanic tribes.

What we should remember to say is that it is not just an ALL OR NO scenario for the entire world population. If we do not get up NOW and say emphatically, we will lose EVERYTHING – forever!
This also applies to those who have set up this ultimatum.
If things go wrong for them, they lose EVERYTHING! They will never be able to return to the greatness of their past, ALL trust in them will disappear, a massive demand for accounting will come up. They should praise themselves happy if they avoid decidedly lynch scenarios.


Dear reader! Thank you for your patience.
Thank yourself for your patience, for you can not have avoided learning a little and given food for thought.

What remains is to say that right now we are in the middle of a WAR OF ALL OR NOTHING scenario. We have been given an ultimatum and we are forced to grasp it. There is no way around it.
For German scholars, I would still recommend this conversation between two razor-sharp heads:
Hybrider Krieg – Sind wir mittendrin? Im Gespräch mit Frank Köstler:


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