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    Notes on Goethe

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)The core of his philosophy of life: Man is not defined by what he is, but by what he does. Read with the quote in the picture, it means that ignorant people with power are the most horrible that exist. Most suffering we encounter is created by ourselves. Self-inflicted suffering, ie the romantic concept of the artist who has to suffer, be poor and die young of tuberculosis – or shoot himself, as one of his novel characters does – to be a real artist and a genius in the understanding of romance, was totally anti-Goethe. He was in control of his finances, he lived a…

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    The Tooth of Time

    Our world is filled with marvelous inventions, whose purpose is to save time and effort. Especially in the last half of the last century it has gone really fast. Most of these inventions are consumers of electricity. We would not be without them, we believe. Here one would then think that it has produced a general state of surplus time and forces for mankind. Which then would mean a general state of freedom. More leisure, more freedom, greater bliss. Should one think. The counter-marvel is that people have less time than ever for themselves and each other, less profit for the benefit of themselves and others, people are more restless…

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    GOD and other trivia

    The childhood faith You lost the childhood faith, my friend.Is not that what we all did – back then?One day, the cartoon pictures, the fat baby angel with toy trumpets and Santa Claus were no longer credible, and then they had to give way for a number of years in the wilderness looking for something that could be stuffed in the hole.We go quite al lot of artifactact up the sleeves, and nice things in between – and other stuff we probably should have kept our fingers off.Not everything was digestible and it was beyond scope to settle in a cave in the Himalayas and wait for the inner light.…

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    If I was a terrorist

    If I was a terrorist Then I would as the first go down to the equipment store and get myself a disguise so I could play the role of the people’s benefactor, its nice uncle, the philanthropist, the democrat, the idealist, the ideologue or maybe the holy warrior who uncompromisingly fights for justice. I would write heartbreaking manifestos on how welfare behavior should be ensured by people like me. I would also describe what would happen if people did not surrender this behavior that they do not know what to put up with. I would exaggerate the description so that the point becomes pedagogically clear. Which pedagogical means I would…

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    NedersteEtage World Map

    NedersteEtage.com has been visited by people in 80+ countries in The World: For all you lovely people out there bravely fighting with Google Translate, a whole bunch of articles has been translated.Look for the English_US flag.

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    Dictionary of New Speak

    Definition of New Speak:A term for words that mean something else and in some cases the exact opposite of the original meaning of the word. New Speak was described by George Orwell in his famous book 1984 as being the ultimate language of the ultimate control society for the deception of its citizens. Orwell, whose real name was Blair, was employed by the BBC as a propagandist during WW2. New Speak was an attempt by the government to reduce the English language to 850 essential words suitable for propaganda in the British Empire. Propaganda in the sense of verbal blunting. Big Brother was in fact Orwell’s portrait of the BBC.…

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    The System is dead – time for solutions?

    We will not get around it. The system is definitely and seriously broke.It no longer serves people in the community.It now obviously takes the lives of people.Everyone can now see it – if they dare to choose to see. The system (those who created it) knows it.Their administrators and technocrats knows … something.They have consciously created or unconsciously co-createda wide range of blockages to human well-being and sovereignty. Law A basic blockage is the legal system.It is described in the article: Law of the Land and Maritime Law.This falsified legal system is international, even though it is locally rooted.It has many years behind it, and it permeates all aspects of…

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    Beauty in Exile

    You just have to take a walk in the city – or even worse: drive into the city via various access roads to experience a pronounced lack of beauty. One has to close one’s eyes to all esthetics and move on to functional registration of traffic signals, road signs, lanes and busy road users. This applies to almost all major cities in the world. Nowhere does the landscape appear to be organically woven together with the city. If we want to see that kind of thing, we have to seek it out on a holiday in eg. Italy, where we pay tourist money to experience a famous historic city that…