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    The War of ALL OR NOTHING

    Without understanding what war has been and what war has become,we will not be able to judge whether we live in peace and tolerance. One of the questions we need to answer is: What is war at all? For if we have not made clear how war is to be defined, then we will not discover war the day we are struck by it. That is, unless the war corresponds to what we have read and seen on film and falls into the category of conventional warfare, or in other words: unless the image in our consciousness corresponds to the image on our retina. What if it falls outside? What…

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    ANTROPIA – the vision for a HUMAN future

    The main difference with CBDS (Central Bank Digital System) is that the central bank will have absolute control over rules and regulations regarding the central bank’s property. We also have the technology to enforce it. These two conditions are extremely important. It makes a huge difference compared to what cash is now.Augustin Carstens, general manager of BIS, Bank of International Settlements, the central bank of central banks Put in understandable human language, this piece of financial mafia gobledigook means, that if you are not allowed to spend money more than five kilometers from your home, then you will not be able to do that, and if it is deemed inappropriate…

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    Mass Hypnosis – How Couĺd it Happen?

    Today we need to learn a new word. Not only do we have to learn a new word, we also have to find out why so many people are still under the mass hypnosis that started in March 2020. The word is: Mass Formation We have heard various explanations for the phenomenon of Operation Lockdown. We may also have a reasonably certain feeling that this is an act of staged pathology on a large scale. A relatively young Belgian professor of clinical psychology at the University of Ghent, Mattias Desmet, who is also a statistician, has made an analysis that is uncannily accurate and answers the question in detail: Why…

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    NedersteEtage World Map

    NedersteEtage.com has been visited by people in 80+ countries in The World: For all you lovely people out there bravely fighting with Google Translate, a whole bunch of articles has been translated.Look for the English_US flag.

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    The Gangster President

    Here are 6 quick questions about the state of affairs in United Bluff: Who is this ridiculous man they now call president? a question a lot of people both in and outside the country where they call him president are asking themselves. Who is this dirty and corrupt criminal type, this old perv who was apparently incarcerated in the top office in the United States? We know for sure, he was not elected. Even many of his own constituents are aware of something completely and utterly and terribly wrong. So he is deployed without being elected. How could that even take place? So who did it, how did they do…

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    Systemic State Corruption

    Allow me as a Danish commentator and author to use the political conditions of my country as an example of the the way, States, countries, governments let themselves be corrupted. I can guarantee you with 100% certainty, that you will find similar corruption in your country. In Denmark we are blessed with fearless explicit actress, political activist and speaker, Pernille Grumme. In ate 2020 she got her hands on a list of the public institutions in Denmark that between 2005-19 received significant sums from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Allow me to bring the list here Statens Serum lnstitut, 1. juli 2005: $14.889.455 Københavns Universitet, 1. november 2008: $100.000…

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    War Room

    So here we go. What we all have feared is now a reality.World War III has in the hot version has now been declared. The cold version, the silent version, the covert non-declared version has been going on for almost 4 years. Some would argue, that it goes back to the fall of the Iron Curtain in the late 1980’ties. Others would argue, that it started with the murder of JFK and the Deep State coup d’Etat of USA in 1963. I have argued that that it started with the end of WW II that never ended but became the Cold War. I have also argued, that WW II was…

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    In the Beginning was Sound

    This is an examination of the secrets behind frequencies seen in a musical perspective. Let’s start with a postulate. The six tones in the scale have a particularly universal frequency. This frequency is not relative, but absolute. Disclaimer:I already hear a whole opera choir of protests.NB! I do not throw around claims, and yes, I have a university degree in musicology / music science + various studies and educations behind me (violinist, conductor) + long practice as a composer, so I have thought a bit about what I say and write.NB again! I would not dream of beating your head and intimidate you with an academic title that is not…

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    Life Force

    This is two conversations or interviews if you like with a person highly knowledgeable in both food production, farming and gardening from a Life Force perspective. Her name is Susanne Hovmand, she is Danish, and she and her husband was the owner of the largest farm production in Denmark based on biodynamics including animals, vegetables, herbs and furthermore refined into products of a quality, that has received worldwide attention such as cheese and others products. Lately Susanne Hovmand has in the last couple of years taken the biodynamic concept to another level and is now the primary initiator of a worldwide movement of farmers and producers following the principles of…