NedersteEtage World Map

NedersteEtage World Map

NedersteEtage World Map
Canada United States Brazil Argentina Chile Peru South Africa Algeria Kenya Saudi Arabia United Arabic Emirates Jordan Turkey Egypt Libya Morocco Portugal Spain France England Ireland Holland Germany Denmark Greenland (Denmark) Norway Sweden Pakistan Switzerland Austria Hungary Romania Moldova Ukraine Armenia Iran India Kyrgistan Russia Japan Thailand Indonesia Australia Vietnam South Korea Lithwania Estonia Greece Italy China Malaysia Uzbekistan Finland Poland Chech Republic Mexico Colombia Nigeria Cameroon Uganda Kasakhstan Philippines Mozambique New Zealand Papua New Guinea Madagascar Slovakia Serbia Malawi Bangladesh Israel Zambia Tunesia Taiwan Bulgaria Ethiopia Cambodia Iraq Botswana Bolivia Zimbabwe Jordan Cote d'Ivoire Venezuela Tanzania Malaysia Singapore Mali Laos Ghana Angola Namibia Sudan Oman Sierra Leone Nepal Lebanon Suriname Equador Costa Rica Dominical Republic Paraguay Nicaragua Croatia Libya Uruguay Iceland


What can you say? This beautiful country with truly nice people - and yet so absolutely mistreated by its latest governments. Especially the latest Trudeau regime has been a disaster. You cannot imagine a leader and a government more in bed with the global fascist elite that this.

United States

Land of hope and glory, the most important country of the planet. And yet the head quarter of corruption, war mongering, aggressions onto the people of the world, control systems, instigation of coup d'etats, abuse of hiTech, Technocracy, political bribery, BigTech-fascism and lately election fraud. Very-very few presidents in this country have been actually elected.


Land of carnival dancers, great music, mixed race culture and vast jungles. Unfortunately also the land of poverty and huge destruction of its vast jungles and the tribal and rural people there performed by unscrupulous business cartels supported by corrupt governments.


The land of Tango masters, the bandoneon, gauchos, cattle, enormous flatlands and wild mountain peaks. It has its own blend of post-European cultures. Also the the land of escaped Nazis and experiments with esoteric technology.


Land of the Southern Andes. And the Tiera del Fuego - the land of Fire. Therefore the country closest to the Antarctica. Unfortunately also the country known for its fascist regime during the 'Dirty War', the very dirty CIA-operation meant to pervert, corrupt and subdue South America.


The land of Incas, condors and Lake Titicaca. The land of the Upper Andes. Also the land of the marxist-terrorist army, Sendero Luminoso

South Africa

The land of the lion and the springboek. Zululand. The land with a battered colonial past. The land with a human history, that probably goes hundreds of thousands years back, which is just coming to the surface. The land of gold and diamonds - and we know, what comes out of that. The land of British colonialism slaughtering Dutch Boer settlers as well as black indigenous peoples. The land of racist apartheid. The land of Cecil Rhodes, the most infamous imperialist to have lived.


The land of desert, camels, Berber people, The Maghreb. Also the land of French colonial genocide on the population and the slaughters of the Foreign Legion. So, maybe the French are experiencing problems with their immigrants from this region. But maybe this is the karma of colonialism/imperialism.


Saudi Arabia

The land of simultaneous Middle Age and HiTech scary futurism. The land of oil, oil and Rockefeller petro dollars. The only country right now, that is owned by one family, an old Jewish family of former caravan thiefs and thugs, that came to power by the aid of the British Empire in order to control Islam, brake the Ottoman Empire apart and control the whole Middle East. And so they did till present days.

United Arabic Emirates

The land of oil and desert. With its powerful neighbor the Emirates manages to keep a diplomatic distance and yet agreement.


The land of royal diplomacy. As a country between powerful and dangerous neighbors, Jordan manages to keep its identity. One of the - if not THE most dry country on Earth. Famous for its ancient city of Petra. Only 10% of the mysterious Nabatean civilization, the Biblical Edom, is excavated. Noone knows exactly how old it is.


The land of the invading Türkmen, the nomadic tribesmen that came on horses. Before that home of ancient Anatolian civilizations. Land of the center of the Ottoman Empire and a revolution staged by the British Empire with the help of The Young Turcs, the Dönmeh in order to break up the Khalifate. These were the people, that performed the Armenian genocide - that you are not allowed to talk about today.


The land where the density of ancient building structures, artifacts and deep history is at its peak. The age of its oldest structures - among which much is still buried under sand - is really unknown, although the wise guys called egyptologists claim, that it is only 5.000 years. Hmm ... where have we heard that number before? Also the hiding place of the infamous Muslim Brotherhood, before they were kicked out and expelled to Saudi Arabia.


Libya was the old Egyptian name of all of the land west of Egypt. Libya was recently the land of wealth and prosperity and the highest standard of living for the people of the of Africa and the Arab world - before the Saudi, the Israeli and the Western globalist fascists decided to murder the leader of the country loved and praised by 95% of the population and turn the country into a terrorist domain and a neo-feudalist slave marked.


The land of desert beauty, bazars, blue mountain villages. The land of yet another tragedy of French imperialism. The land of a royal family, that didn't necessarily comply with neither Nazis, Zionists, imperialists or other intruders. You may remember the classic melodrama Casablanca.


The land of Fado music and saudage, soft melodic language, seamanship, Port Wine, grilled sardines and Atlantic coastline. Also the land of one of the European fascist military regimes under general Salazar.


The land of Iberia, the place where the Etruscans went after the Roman cultural theft and genocide. The land of conquistadors and the early South American genocide. The land of fascist Franco regime fighting the globalist invasion of euro-bolsjeviks in the Spanish Civil War. We think we know, who the good guys were.



Land of the Anglo-Saxons, people who came from Denmark and Northern Germany. The Dane Law. The land of the Norman invasion. The land of Protestant-Jewish banksters and the birth of the Western Central Bank. The land of the British Empire, the most murderous Empire ever to have existed. The land of MI5 and -6, British East Asian Company, Royal piracy, genocides by designed hunger, the Crown = City of London and things much worse.


The land of the mythic people Tuetha de Danan, the Giants Foodsteps, Guinness dark beer and great music. The land of the so called potato famine, which had very little to do with potatoes but very much to do with a British imperial genocide and grand scale plunder of yet another nation, that the Establishment thought to be useless earters, low life underdogs and a primitive slave nation.


The land of wetlands, tulips, clogs, windmills and puritan protestantism. The land of European banking in the Venetian tradition - Amsterdam is the new Venice. The land before England to perform imperialism and international bankster-fraud. The land of free prostitutes, cannabis and the largest industrial harbor of Europe, that was to be shut down by a NATO terror event to create a logistic crisis. It was prevented, and instead we got the covid-operation.


The land of perfect ingeneering, high culture of art, philosophy, music and literature. The land that provoked so much envy to the British Empire and The Crown, that they had to arrange two world wars and make the country and its people guilty.


Such a small country and yet so influential from before the Viking age. There is  a reason for the name Anglo-Saxon, both tribes from Denmark, that migrated to England. Today a country of corrupt politicians and a people, that have forgotten their glorious past.

Greenland (Denmark)

The land of ice, glaciers, polar bears, Eskimoes and seals. The land of ultimate arctic beauty. The land of Danish imperialism, social depression, alcoholics, and incest. The land of huge resources that the globalist cartels are prying onto.


The land of fjords and snowy mountains. The land of legendary Vikings, some were hated tyrants, some were heroes. Today the land of too much oil never benefitting the people, corrupt politicians involved with massacres on young people on an island - the guy now rewarded as general secretary of NATO. Just like his Danish predecessor involved with the lie of 9/11, the Iraq aggression war and the NATO/CIA occupation of Afghanistan.


The land of endless forests, moose and rain deer, steel production, advanced folk music and beautiful blonde women. Also the land of political correctness, cultural marxist-feminist tyranny, a unscrupulous weapon industry, a corrupt Nobel Price Committee, the slaughter of 900 civilians on the ferry Estonia, the officially unsolved murder on a prime minister (a huge denial of known sources) and election fraud.



The land of High Alps, Swiss cheese, direct democracy and war neutrality. Also the land of the secrecy of banking industry, top of corrupt Free Masonry = The Octagon and World Economic Forum = head quarter of globalist fascism.


The land of high culture, the Wienna School(s) of classical music, best cafés with world class pastry, jugend style of art and architecture and Alpine wilderness. Part of the once magnificent Austria-Hungarian Empire ruled by the Habsburgs. Attacked by the British by a terrorist attack meant for starting World War 1. Also the land, where the prime minister lately was caught with corrupt activities.


The land of gullash, baratsck palinka, Bela Bartok and Zoltan Kodally. The land of the horsemen from Central Asia called the huns. The land of the pushta and Lake Balaton. The nation attacked by the cultural marxists in the 50'ies wanting to 'reform' the peoples sexual morality. The nation that just rejected the second attempt and LGBT-attack, when its prime minister, Vicor Orban, kicked the pervs out of business.


The land of endless flatlands. Also the land of the Transsylvanian mountain lands. The land of the largest delta of Europe, the Danube Delta. The land with the forgotten gem of Europa called Little Paris = Bucharest. The land of the Dachian Empire, the forgotten empire of Europe. And why was that?  Because they spoke the language of the Romans before the Romans - which the Romans did not like and did not want the world to know about. The land of Vlad Tepech, Count Dracul, that kicked the Turks of his fatherland.



The land of the black soil, the most fertile land of Europe. And yes, Ukraine is Europe. Also, Ukraine is Russia, the birth place of Russia, Kievan Rus. The land of  Stalins Holodomor massacre. The land that became a land, because Nikita Krushtjev broke it away from Russia. Resently the land, where American neocons staged a neo-nazi / neo-fascist coup and a civil war. And a new massacre in Odessa.


The land of one of the oldest cultures of the World. Together with Syria we also find the oldest Christian communities in the World. The holy mountain, Mount Ararat, is now in Turkey, the country that performed a 1.2 million massacre on the Armenian people. The old unique language has only one similarity: the Basque language - not many people, not even linguists know that. But ask Vahan Setian.


The land of old-old high culture. The land of Zarathustra and the great fire ritual connecting it the ancient India. Also the land of British genocide - half of the Persion population was extinct with the weapon of mass destruction by the name: hunger. The land of oil and constant coup d'etats by the support of the corrupt Reza Pahlavi family put in place after the hunger genocide and in 1956 re-instated after the coup on the Mohammad Mozadeq democratic governement. Later the British intelligence inserted their agent Khoumeini, and till today we have a shia theocracy ruling the country.


One of the true cradles of civilization. We have no idea of how old, the place and its people is. Actually we do, because the Vedas tells us - so why not listen? The land of true science (veda), that is far ahead of eg. European. The wonders if India are hard to describe. Also the land of brutal colonialism, genocide and mountains of imperialist lies. Mayby India more than anywhere else tells the story, of the real purpose of Islam - the great divider. Therefore we have Pakistan.



Mother Russia, the remnants of the Great Tartarian Empire. The core of Eurasia. The Land  Empire that still holds strong against the degenerating and perverting Sea Empire. The land of a very specific imperialist attack called communism with the purpose of creating a slave state to be spread and exported globally. They called it international socialism then, they call it globalism now.


The land of Shito, samurais, Mount Fuji. The land where every craft is taken serious to the extreme and perfection. The land that held strong against the British Empire for the longest time. The promotor of Pan-Asianism. The only country in the World, that has a national war museum, that tells certain truths about WW2.


One of the last remaining kingdoms of the East, and one of the last countries to withstand Western imperialism. Actually Thailand made as one of the first counties a counter punch via 'food imperialism', and created a state supported wave of Thai restaurants all over the world with a certain standard for how to cook 'authentic' = state approved dishes. Other countries later copied the successful operation.


The land of the many islands, vast jungles and - on the island of Sumatra - their very own species of tiger. Also the land, that was plundered by the Dutch East Asian Company to form the wealth of the Dutch version of The Crown, their banksters and the royal family. The land of beautiful people and gamelan music.


The land of the weirdest animals on the planet due to its isolation. The land of aboriginals forming a fifth race on Earth. The land of dumps of British prisoners - let's get rid of them. They turned out to be very much alive and inventive. The land of the now most oppressive government in the Commonwealth.


A great country with some of the most friendly and loving people on Earth and some of the most delicious fresh meals you can imagine. Once a French colony. Then ripped apart in the Cold War between Communist North and Western South, where the North was bombed to Hell by the Americans like they did with Korea. The real reason was not to fight Communism but to harvest opium/heroin in the Golden Triangle.

South Korea



The Baltic country with the strangest language, close to Finnish. As a Dane a country of special interest, since Danish kings participated in the North Eastern crusade in the area, and our flag fell down from the skye (a legend copied from another Roman legend). Years ago a ferry with the name of the country was destroyed by NATO in the Baltic Sea, and its cargo with Russian hi-tech was removed from the bottom of the ocean. 989 passengers were sacrificed in the operation.



The land of the Etruscans - and the Romans who stole their culture and claimed it to be theirs, like they claimed to have invented their own language, that was the invention of the Dachians, the nowadays Romanians. The land of wonderful food, lovely people, great culture based on many cultures. Also the land of corrupt politicians, mafia and a corrupt leadership of the Catholic church.


A World of its own - where to even begin? A sequence of great dynasties ending with the Ching Dynasty giving way to a provisorial transition to Maoist communism, the most perfected evil on Planet Earth at any time. The land of magnificent wonders - before Maoist communism - of Confucianism, Daoism and cultural achievements unsurpassed.


The land of a once great kingdom, the Malay. Together with Taiwan the only country, that withstood the financial attack on the the tiger economies in the 90's, because the Islamic country had implemented the true version of sharia economy, that do not allow usury. Sharia banking worldwide has now been corrupted to allow usury and thereby this kind of attack.


The land of old nomadic culture, the first Silk Route. Who would not have liked to travel to Tashkent, when the great caravans of spices and silk came through in the past.


The land of the thousand lakes. But also the thousand islands in the Baltic Sea. The land of sisu and sauna and with a language, that only Estonians understand a bit of. The nation that fought Stalins army on skies in the cold winter - and won!


Chech Republic

The country where the king in the late Middle Ages was deeply into alchemy, and Prague was the occult capitol of Europe. The Prague spring of 1968 brought the country into 20 years+ of totalitarian sadness. Today once again a proud and beautiful country - unfortunately again caught up with totalitarian EU'ism. Get the hell out, you fools - haven't you learned anything?


The land of the Aztecs and the Mayas and the mysterious stones in the jungle. The place where the meteor hit and destroyed the dinosaurs. The country attacked by the Americans by one of their first false flag operations starting the Spanish-American war. A country today ruled by drug cartels.








New Zealand

Papua New Guinea


The land between India and Africa, one of the remnants of the sunken continent of Lemuria. The country that was attacked and plundered by the French imperialists - who then send the people of Madagascar the bill for the expenses for destroying the country. The country, where the president refused to buy into the Covid-19 fraud and said: we have our own cure for such designer-diseases, keep your hands away. The WHO and Bill Gates didn't like that.



The land of Slivovitz, fried lamb and Christian orthodox monks with long beards. The land of former Marshall Tito, that lead the most efficient resistance movement of the whole Europe during WW1 and 'misunderstood' communism since he actually cared for the working class (the Bolsjevics hated him for that). The main land of former Great Yugoslavia, that was attacked by NATO after the fall of the wall. It's leader was forced to take his own life in The Haag, and 25 years later they had to admit, that he was declared free of charges of ALL the things, he was accused of. Hmm ... one has to wonder, who the real criminal was?














The land of Great Zimbabwe and a mysterious high culture of South Africa dating back more that historians will admit. The land of the Shona and N'debele nations. The land of the mbira dza wadzimu, the most advanced kalimba-instrument of the continent. The land that fought back the British imperialists by was destroyed once again by the lunatic of a president, whose head was traumatized by the liberation war and who should never have ruled the country afterwards.


Cote d'Ivoire


The land once of great beauty and great wealth. After decades of communist abusive and destructive power now the land of terror, poverty and confusion.





The land of desert beauty, griot singers and kora players.







Sierra Leone





Costa Rica

Dominical Republic







A refuge island of Norwegians escaping the despote Norwegian king.
It is from these people, that we have the moste valuable writings of the Nordic / Viking age via the Sagas.